Sunday, May 3, 2015

Some New England Ski Resorts are Still Open

Notwithstanding some scientists' climate models, mother nature continues to not cooperate. The AP reports that there more than half dozen skiing areas in Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine still operating this weekend. In mid-April, the Boston Globe noted that there were 14 ski resorts still open. What was interesting from the latter article was this observation:
Interestingly, last year on tax day, most of the same big guns were open for skiing as well, but their trail counts were closer to 50 percent, versus this season where Cannon, Wildcat, Jay Peak, and even Mad River Glen are near 100 percent operation in mid-April.
With that small introduction out of the way, Elizabeth Price Foley, writing at Instapundit, discusses how Arctic ice caps have been expanding at record rates, and otherwise pokes holes in the global warming narrative that is being used as an excuse for "wealth redistribution" (itself a misnomer, because there is no intent to redistribute the wealth of the most wealthy, but that of the middle-class).

Some of you may wondering why the intense interest in a seemingly political matter. First, there are a lot of people that are prepping based on global warming misconception, which could leave them with serious problems in the event of cold temperatures. Second, the greatest disasters are the collapse of nations and civilizations, which inevitably coincide with large declines in population either concurrent with the collapse, or immediately following thereafter. (The studies I've read of past civilizational collapses suggest that the decline is bracketed on one side by a decrease in birth rates, and and on the other by a further decline following a collapse due to war and famine).  The collapse of nations or civilizations are tied heavily to political and economic factors. In this case, global warming is being used as an excuse to shut down the most efficient and dependable sources of electricity (coal) and instead offers us "green" energy (solar and wind) which is more expensive (i.e., small or negative marginal return on investment) and subject to the vagaries of weather and natural disasters, on top of a whole new slough of regulations and taxes (i.e., increased complexity with a negative marginal benefit). These global warming policies are not just bad politics, economics or science, but are real threats to our ability to sustain our national economy and, thereby, our civilization.

I can't recommend much different for preppers than what the LDS Church has been advising for decades: store food (a year's supply where possible) to deal with shortages, famines, or an influx of refugees; store water; have a 72-hour kit in the event of an emergency evacuation; and store fuel where possible. I would add that war and civil disturbance also figures heavily in modern day prophecy about the last days, so I believe that learning principles of self-defense, and obtaining tools to protect yourself and your family, is also important. (Although never forgetting the warning that those that live by the sword shall die by the sword).

Unfortunately, I can't tell you if you will ever need those food preparations. I've known people, and myself been in situations, where a change in financial situations has resulted in having to use up food stores. I've seen a major disaster where people dug deep into food stores in order to feed those whose homes had been damaged or destroyed. But, on the other hand, I've known people that have put away buckets or barrels of wheat, and other long term food stores, never to use them.

If you will permit me to wander into a bit of speculation, my own personal belief (i.e., not doctrine, but just a guess) is that since Christ's ministry was in the meridian of time, and we have to cut a thousand years off for the Millennium, He will probably return 2,000 years after his prior ministry, or sometime in the 2030s. (Again, keeping in mind that no one knows the day or time). This would also tend to follow from the fact that each of the seven seals in Revelations represents a 1,000 year period, with Christ returning at or shortly after the opening of the 7th seal. A lot of commentators believe that the Anti-Christ will probably initially appear (or gain power) as a peacemaker, which suggests that his/her appearance (at least as the premier international leader) will coincide with the great wars that he/she will seemingly resolve. Those wars and related upheaval will necessarily precede the Second Coming, which further suggest, if my guess is in any way correct, that those wars will primarily occur within the next two decades. 頑張って.

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