Thursday, December 3, 2020

Public Service Announcement



  1. LOL I watched Blade Runner again recently and noticed that it took place in 2019. The James Cameron TV series Dark Angel also took place in 2020. I was in Junior High school in 1982 when films like Blade Runner and Mad Max came out. It seems that Ridley Scott and crew expected flying police cars only thirty-something years in their future. Short of cell phone and computer technology, not that much has changed from the 1980's IMHO.

    1. And the Terminator movies predicted that "Judgment Day" when a fully self-aware A.I. computer would take control of our nuclear defenses would occur on or about August 29, 1997. No way we were going to have an A.I. by 1997. 2001: A Space Odyssey was way off on our space program and artificial intelligence, but didn't do too bad with the flat-screen displays used by the crew: the first iPads were released in 2010.


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