Friday, April 24, 2020

Video: The Cure Is Much Worse Than The Disease

"Millions Are Being Murdered | The Killer Cure"--Suspicious Observers (6 min.)
Brief summary: "Antibody tests worldwide confirm VAST exposure to coronavirus, which means the real kill rate is exceptionally low. They shut down the world over a flu-level kill rate. The real harm is caused by the halt of society, which supports the existence of 7 billion people. They have sentenced millions to death with their 'cure' because of the poverty and hunger it has created."


  1. Right. I was preparing for Wednesday's post, and found that the demand drop equals (roughly) the amount of oil produced by OPEC. What will those countries that depend on just oil for revenue do?

    It will be bad. Medieval bad.

    1. Combine that with that fact that most OPEC nations heavily subsidize their economies--including food--and there is the likelihood of mass unrest.


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