Monday, February 24, 2020

Failing to Follow Farnam's Rules

John Farnam has set out simple rules for personal safety:
  • Don't go to stupid places.
  • Don't do stupid things.
  • Don't hang out with stupid people.
  • Be in bed by 10 PM.  Your own bed.
  • Don't look like a freak.
  • Don't fail the attitude test.
I thought of these today as I read the following piece: "Three American sisters on vacation raped by Afghan Muslim men on New Years Eve."  So, how did they violate the rules? According to the article:
       The three women from Ohio, ages 19, 20, and 23, met the men in a pub on December 31, according to reports from local media outlet La OpiniĆ³n de Murcia. One of the sisters left with one of the men to go to his house. The other two stayed in the bar until leaving with the remaining two men, headed to the apartment in which the women were staying and planning on continuing their New Year’s celebrations. In both cases, the women reported having been raped by the men, who, according to sources from the central government delegation in Murcia, are of Afghan origin.
      The Spanish authorities examined security camera footage and interviewed witnesses in order to identify the three men, who were located together in a property. The men offered no resistance to arrest and, according to sources from the investigation, appeared surprised when the police arrived. The three are facing charges for sexual assault, threats and battery.
So, let's count the violations: (1) went to stupid place (the apartment of the three men and, arguably, the pub); (2) did something stupid (accompanied Afghan men home from bar); (3) hung out with stupid people (this is presumed because of the women's young age); and (4) not in bed by ten, but instead accompanied Afghan men to the men's beds. Four out of six rules broken.


  1. In other words, don't go to Walmart, especially after dark. Yes, the Walmart nearest my home is sketchy at the best of times, and becomes crazy after dark.

    1. Well, I've read over and over again that Walmart stores are generally the biggest suck on law enforcement time and energy because of the number of times they are called there. The one near me even has spaces specifically reserved for police parking.

  2. I regularly break number 4.

    Otherwise I'd never be able to blog. Oh . . . wait.


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