Tuesday, August 30, 2016

August 30, 2016 -- A Quick Run Around The Web

Video: "How To Build a Basic AR-15"--Iraqveteran8888 (42 minutes).

Firearms and Self-Defense:

The gang-banging Sorells brothers are part of a feral subculture within the larger American society that is predatory and nearly primal in how they view the world. In this instance, they decided to try to murder a man for being a stranger that made eye contact, which they took as a sign of challenging their dominance over what they viewed as their territory.
    This is the sort of behavior we often associate with wild animals, but it is in fact the norm for much of human history, and is a current problem in many parts of the world even today.
    • "Garage Gunsmithing: 101"--The Arms Guide. More of an explanation of why you might want to try your hand at DIY gunsmithing than how to do any particular project. However, it does have a list of basic tools you will need.
    • "Quality is in the details."--Oleg Volk. While using infrared in a recent photo shoot, Volk noticed that an inexpensive camouflage sling showed up bright white in the infrared spectrum--potentially a problem if facing an opponent using night vision equipment. He notes that there are manufacturers that specifically make products that will appear camouflaged even in the IR spectrum. And, as some of the comments point out, any hunters need to be aware of how their clothing or gear may show up in the UV spectrum, since deer (among other animals) have limited UV vision.
    • AR15.com has a thread on an interesting project--an M249 clone using an AR lower and a bump-fire stock.

    The Coming Conflict:
    Some 18 years ago, India and Pakistan conducted successive nuclear tests, joining China as Southern Asia’s three overt nuclear powers and transforming the region into a nuclear trilemma. Both India and Pakistan have developed their arsenals at a measured pace, at least compared to historical standards. Today, however, there are concerns that we could be witnessing a potential slow-moving, but cascading, arms competition in the region following China’s deployment of multiple independently targetable re-entry vehicles (MIRVs), or multiple-warhead missiles, in 2015. 
    • A few from the SNAFU blog:

    Other Stuff:

    • "Russia reveals world's first test of radical pulse-detonation 'super-rocket'"--Daily Mail. From the article: "The Russian Advanced Research Foundation has announced the construction and testing of a pulse-detonation rocket engine, which uses high thermodynamic efficiency to allow spacecraft to achieve much greater capabilities. The researchers say this type of engine could enable rockets to carry a heavier payload and reduce the cost of shipping cargo into orbit."

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