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March 22, 2017 -- A Quick Run Around the Web (Updated)

The big news story today is, of course, the terrorist attack in Belgium. Will Europe draw the connection between certain of the powerful Islamist sects (particularly Wahhabism) and terrorism? (Obviously not all Islam is implicated--we don't see, for instance, Yazidi terrorists). Also, Zika spreads to Bangladesh.

Brussels Attack:
    At least 31 people have been killed and many seriously injured in attacks at Brussels international airport and a city metro station.
      Twin blasts hit Zaventem airport at 07:00 GMT, killing 11 and injuring 81, Belgium's health minister said.
        Another explosion struck Maelbeek metro station an hour later with 20 people killed, the Brussels mayor said.
          A series of deadly terrorist attacks struck Brussels on Tuesday, with two explosions at the city’s main international airport and a third in a subway station at the heart of the city, near the headquarters complex of the European Union.
            At least one of the two airport explosions was touched off by a suicide bomber, officials said. At least 34 people were killed — 14 at the airport and 20 at the subway station — and many more wounded, including 92 at the airport and 106 at the subway station.
              “We were fearing terrorist attacks, and that has now happened,” Prime Minister Charles Michel of Belgium said at a news conference, calling the attacks “blind, violent, cowardly.”
                On Twitter, he called on the population to “avoid all movement,” as the authorities braced for the possibility of additional violence.
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                  The Paris attacks showed that the scale and sophistication of the Islamic State’s efforts to carry out operations in Europe were greater than first believed, and analysts have also pointed to Europe’s particular vulnerabilities. They include the huge flow of undocumented migrants to the Continent from the Middle East last year, the movement of European citizens between their home countries and Syria to fight with the Islamic State, and persistent problems with intelligence sharing among European countries and even between competing security agencies in some nations.

                    Few countries have been more vulnerable than Belgium. It has an especially high proportion of citizens who have traveled to Syria or Iraq, insular Muslim communities that have helped shield jihadists, and security services that have had persistent problems conducting effective counterterrorism operations, not least in its four-month effort to capture Mr. Abdeslam.

                      The attacks on Tuesday put the Belgian capital in a state of virtual lockdown, with the threat level raised to its highest possible level. Frédéric Van Leeuw, the Belgian federal prosecutor, said that border controls had been strengthened and extra police officers mobilized.

                        All flights to and from Brussels Airport were canceled indefinitely, with flights scheduled to land there diverted. Subway, tram and bus travel was shut down. Eurostar canceled its trains connecting Brussels with London. Thalys, which runs high-speed trains linking dozens of cities in Belgium, France, Germany and the Netherlands, suspended service. Cellphone lines were jammed as panicked travelers and Belgians tried to make calls.

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                        1. Gotta love the interfaith outreach in Brussels. Being suspicious of Mohammedans after this latest interfaith outreach event would be badthink.

                          1. The badthink is going to spread, and they don't have time to issue new dictionaries lacking the words to express the growing outrage. While the MSM is only reporting the interfaith outreach, there are tweets indicating that Muslim school students in Amsterdam were celebrating the attack. I doubt it was any different in Belgium. These reports appearing under the radar, so to speak, will continue to spread and resentment will continue to grow. The longer the globalists try to keep it under control, though, the worse the ultimate reaction will be.


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