Tuesday, October 27, 2015

A Quick Run Around the Web--October 27, 2015

Water bottle drip irrigation for tomato plants (from "15 Gardening Tips And Clever Ideas"--The 36th Avenue) (h/t DIY,Gear, prepping, & survival).

While conflict, trauma-drama, harassment, vandalism and hatred are not your ideas of entertainment, to the small, petty, mean and venial, it is not only that, but a whole lot more. That's why they do it. A feud is a LOT more fun and exciting than watching TV. More than that, it's a game they can play themselves.

    The way you stop it is by making  A) the game no fun anymore and B) it too 'dangerous' for them to act.
    • "'Anyone With AK-47' Can Overmatch US Soldier in Fire Fight"--Sputnik News. Another article arising out of the claimed performance issues of the AR during the Battle of Wanat. Frankly, the argument has been so thoroughly discredited, I'm surprised to still see it popping up. The fact that the heavily outnumbered troops at Wanat were able to hold off a surprise attack by some 200 Taliban, itself, discredits the premise of the article. In any event, The Captain's Journal has written several good articles on the issue (see, e.g., "Blaming The Gun For The Battle Losses"). He concluded the latter article: "Blaming the men who made the decision to deploy the way they did would be the hard thing to do because it gets personal.  But at least it would be honest."
    • "Sweden Opened Its Doors To Muslim Immigration, Today It’s The Rape Capital Of The West. Japan Didn’t."--The Daily Caller. About the rape epidemic (including gang rapes) that has swept Sweden since they began admitting large numbers of Muslims, and contrasting the situation with Japan, which has been careful to limit the number of foreigners settling in the country.
    • "Islamic Invasion Pulls Trigger: Europe Now Scrambles for Guns"--WND. Europeans are beginning to wake up to the fact that their politicians sold them down the river. Unfortunately, their firearms laws make it difficult or impossible to procure weapons for self-defense. 
    • Related: "K-selection Advancing"--Anonymous Conservative. Noting several trends in Europe suggesting impending fighting between the immigrants and natives. On the issue of increased gun purchases, the author notes that most of the new gun purchases in Austria have been by women. He observes:  
      You know what that means. Interesting that in a rabbitized population many women are exhibiting more manly protective qualities, just as the reversal of sexual dimorphism that r/K describes would predict. That will change as the K-selection advances, men realize fighting is unavoidable, and women find they don’t like killing or being killed.
        When the festivities get under way I’d expect considerable selective pressure to actively remove the rabbit-prone genes from the gene pool. The key will be for us to make sure we let nature take its course, and don’t intervene out of some misplaced sense of patriotic loyalty. These rabbits are not our countrymen – they are our traitors.
          They mock the idea of a rainbow nation, scoff at any suggestion they need white friends, and rightly ask why is there more wealth in the hands of the whites now than there was back then.
            Mr Mandela is dead, a new black consciousness is alive and well. And it is angry.

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