Sunday, October 30, 2011

Photos of the East Coast Snowstorms

This article from the Daily Mail (UK) has lots of photos about the snow storms on the East Coast. Once again, a major winter storm (well, autumn storm in this case) is expected to leave millions without power for an extended period of time. Remember, for your prepping plans: food, water, and some way of cooking and heating. As far as power needs, some of you may actually benefit from a power inverter more than a small generator. Here is a discussion on that topic at Instapundit.

Also, Connecticut Light and Power customers told to expect to be without power for up to one week. (H/t Instapundit).

There have been numerous posts at SurvivalBlog about OpSec concerns when using a generator and light sources following a disaster. I think the primary issue is theft--thieves can see the lights or hear the generator, and take it.

Back in my college days, while living in an apartment complex that was probably 90% students, we experienced an extended power outage. Taking a walk in the evening, you could easily tell the LDS students from the others--their apartments were the only ones with any light, be it from oil lamps, camp lanterns, or candles.

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