Monday, January 13, 2020

A Monday Medley of Videos (1/13/2020)

"Galactic Magnetic Fields & Electric Current Sheet"--Suspicious Observers (7 min.)

Tests of different calibers, mostly fired in bursts, at different wall materials--plywood, concrete block, brick--and a look at the penetration through the material as well as drywall and other barriers behind the wall. It is interesting because in other tests using concrete block and brick, it has done a pretty good job of stopping single rounds, but with bursts of automatic fire, it chews through the materials pretty easily. 

Some Cold War history: the development and projected deployment of backpack nuclear weapons that could be carried by a single individual, as well as a look at some other small tactical warheads.

Some more Cold War history--in this case, what is believed to have been a joint nuclear test conducted by South Africa and Israel.

Overall, the reviewer liked the weapon, but notes that it is not as easy to rack the slide as is the 380 EZ, and she says that the grip safety takes getting used to.

"Hiding 230 Years Of Global Heatwaves"--Tony Heller (10 min.)
Climate scientists have ignored some truly horrendous heat waves in the 19th and early 20th Century. Even if you aren't interested in the global warming debate, this video is useful for the prepper to illustrate how deadly heat waves can be to humans and wildlife.

"My Gift To Climate Alarmists"--Tony Heller (13 min.)
A debunking of anthropogenic global warming.

"Fighting Far Away From Home - Allied Advance in Africa - WW2 - 072 - January 11 1941"--Second World War (12 min.). Axis bomber attacks in the Mediterranean and continued combat in North Africa and the Sudan.

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