Sunday, March 10, 2019

Sunday Medley of Videos (Updated)

A variety of videos that I've come across this past week that were interesting to me. The first two are Medieval: the first is a very brief overview of the growing of flax and processing it to separate and align the fibers so they can be spun to make thread; the second demonstrates the different ways a Medieval hood could be worn and what a versatile garment it could be.

    Third is a short video showing the effects of nuclear blasts on vehicles and, at the very end, a tent. It is interesting to see how the paint on the vehicles completely burns off from the thermal pulse before the blast wave even reaches the vehicle.

    Finally, a video that probably won't be available for long, as it is the motion picture "Damnation Alley." This is actually one of my favorite post-Apocalypse movies, although I don't know why. The movie is corny, but fun.

"Nuclear Weapon Effects on Vehicles"--Atom Central (1 min.)

"Damnation Alley (1977)" (1 hr. 32 min.)

Update: I found a higher quality version of Damnation Alley:


  1. I swear I left a long comment about Damnation Alley here . . . (scratches head)

    1. You must have been so overawed by the special effects that it left you speechless.

    2. Ha!

      No, I had said something about liking the movie as a kid. Thinking back on it, I think I might even have read the Zelazny story first. But I do recall even then thinking it was cheesy, but I was reading real science fiction at that time. I was surprised to find out the Fallout games franchise was based on Damnation Alley.