Wednesday, April 25, 2018

April 25, 2018 -- A Quick Run Around the Web

"Primary Arms Holosun Micro Red Dot Sight | A cheap Aimpoint alternative?!"--Garand Thumb (13 min.). Somewhat fortuitous since I was just wondering about these a few days ago.

  • Grant Cunningham has his "Hump Day Reading List" for this week. Check it out. One of the articles is from our very own sometimes contributor, "The Realist." Our thanks to Mr. Cunningham for the link!
  • "How To Raise Rabbits For Meat"--Know Prepare Survive. Just remember that rabbit meat, by itself, does not provide essential fats like other types of meat, so you will need to supplement it. This article discusses some of the better breads, building a rabbit hutch, and other basics, as well as providing links to articles and other resources with information. If you are interested in raising rabbits, this appears to be a good introductory resource.
  • "Ducks vs Chickens For the Small Scale Homesteader"--M.D. Creekmore. Another good article for those interested in small scale livestock. One argument for ducks over chickens:
Waterfowl also produce larger and more flavorful eggs.  It is said that duck eggs are healthier than chicken eggs.  There is a higher level of omega-3 fatty acids found in ducks eggs.  Their eggs stay fresher longer than chicken eggs due to the thicker shells.  Many folks with egg allergies claim they do not react to duck eggs the same way they do to chicken eggs and therefore may still consume duck eggs despite their allergy.
My father-in-law tells of his childhood, during the depression, where his parents couldn't afford milk, but they did raise chickens. They would grind up the egg shells, and put them in gelatin capsules as a home-made calcium supplement for he and his siblings.
  • "The Lansky Firefighters Battle Axe"--Dreaming of Sunsets Over Ochre Dunes. This small axe also includes various prying points, and the middle of the axe head is cut out to use as a gas valve wrench. 
  • "Gun Review: Smith & Wesson M&P380 SHIELD EZ – Take 2"--The Truth About Guns. A handgun designed for people with weak gripping strength and/or arthritis. And, according to the reviewer, S&W has succeeded in its design.
  • "Rise Armament RA-140 Super Sport Review"--The New Rifleman. This is a $122 drop in trigger for the AR which the author believes is one of the best out there. It is a single stage unit with a 3.5 lbs trigger weight. It doesn't come with anti-rotation pins--you will need to order those separately (although it was tight of enough fit in the author's AR that he didn't need them).
  • "British Politicians Declare War on Knives" Because it is easier to disarm the lawabiding rather than deal with rising gang and immigrant crime, London's Mayor Sadiq Khan has declared that there is never a reason to carry a knife, and indicated that London police will be cracking down on those choosing to carry a knife. Consequently, several British retailers have announced that they will no longer sell kitchen knives. 
  • Related: "KNIFE CONTROL MOVEMENT CROSSES ATLANTIC"--WND. Lori Brown, of Texas, is pushing for greater restrictions on knives, machetes and swords after her son was killed in a stabbing spree at the University of Texas at Austin.
        Mueller was an assistant U.S. attorney in Boston, the head of its criminal division, the head of the criminal division in Main Justice, and the director of the FBI during the most scandalous miscarriage of justice in the modern history of the FBI. Four innocent people were framed by the FBI to protect mass murdering gangsters who were working as FBI informers while they were killing innocent people. An FBI agent, who is now in prison, was tipping off Whitey Bulger as to who might testify against him so that these individuals could be killed. He also tipped off Bulger, allowing him to escape and remain on the lam for 16 years.
            What responsibility, if any, did Mueller, who was in key positions of authority and capable of preventing these horrible miscarriages, have in this sordid incident? A former member of the parole board — a liberal Democrat who also served as mayor of Springfield, Mass. — swears he saw a letter from Mueller urging the denial of release for at least one of these wrongfully convicted defendants. When he went back to retrieve the letter, it was not in the file. This should surprise no one since Judge Mark Wolf (himself a former prosecutor), who conducted extensive hearings about this entire mess, made the following findings:

      The files relating to the Wheeler murder, and the FBI's handling of them, exemplify recurring irregularities with regard to the preparation, maintenance, and production in this case of documents damaging to Flemmi and Bulger. First, there appears to be a pattern of false statements placed in Flemmi's informant file to divert attention from his possible crimes and/or FBI misconduct….
      •  A red-pill moment? "The racial dot map"--Bayou Renaissance Man. Peter Grant includes a map that shows the distribution of race in the United States and then compares it to a map showing how people voted in the last presidential election. As you might suspect, there is a close correlation between minorities and support for Hillary Clinton. Then, per a reader's suggestion, he includes a map showing the distribution of homicides. And, again, there is a correlation. Now, will Grant make the leap to understanding that immigration is merely a means to disenfranchise Americans and give the Democrats a permanent national majority?
      • Karma or irony? "Woman who campaigns against the deportation of migrants from Sweden was raped and sexually assaulted by two Afghan teenagers she met outside a bar"--Daily Mail. While I have no intent to absolve the men of what they did, her actions do beg the question of  why did she accompany them to their apartment? It brings us back to the basic rule of self-defense: don't do stupid things with stupid people in stupid places and at stupid times. She violated all four points.
      • "St George and the dragon"--Dalrock. Dalrock has previously noted that one of the great moral lies of the present day is that love sanctifies sex. He has discussed at length that the origin of this belief was the concept of chivalrous or courtly love during the High Middle Ages. In this article, he illustrates this argument by reference to the tale of St. George and his slaying of the dragon.

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