Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Sig Sauer Temporarily Stops Production of the P320

Sig P320 Full Size (Source)

       Well, Sig has stopped production of the P320 until it has addressed the drop-fire problem. Correction will take the form of replacing the old trigger with Sig's new enhanced trigger (combining a lighter trigger shoe with a new disconnect). In other words, the trigger developed for the MHS M17 military version of the Sig P320. According to an article at Soldier Systems:
Although SIG was already working toward introducing the MHS-inspired Enhanced Trigger to the P320, this -30deg drop issue has hastened their effort. They have lightened the Trigger, Striker and Sear by about 30% overall and added a Disconnect (commercial only, not MHS). The trigger pull weight is unaffected, but rather the trigger part actually weighs less. The reason they lightened those parts is to mitigate the momentum gained by the heavier parts during a drop.
       Something doesn't add up here. Although Sig claims to have been unaware of the problem, they already had a solution engineered, and that solution (lightening of the parts) was to mitigate the momentum gained by the heavier parts during a drop--exactly the problem identified here, of which they were unaware. Quite the paradox.

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