Saturday, August 4, 2012

Fun in the Sun

Got a chance to go shooting today, including with the AK 74 I had built. (A few thoughts and lessons learned concerning the build are here and here). As long-time readers know, I had some extraction issues with this firearm last year, which appear to have been resolved. I haven't had any problems since.

As you can see, I used a tan U.S. made front stock and pistol grip from K-Var, as well as a folding metal stock from K-Var that was designed to fit into a standard trunnion and receiver. (I discuss 922r parts and options and what I used in the first part of my post on building the AK). I didn't like the standard AK sling--the front clip was noisy and scratched the finish. So I took an SKS sling with leather tabs, and trimmed the tab for the front sling loop so it would fit. Works great. Of course, now I have an AK sling that I don't need....

One of the problems with the metal folding stock is that it can get too hot (or cold, depending on the conditions), which is uncomfortable. I'd read that the Soviet soldiers in Afghanistan would wrap the stocks. The problem was trying to figure out what to use. I wanted something easy to apply, but that wouldn't slip around a lot. I had some Camo-Form wrap laying around (you can read my prior review of the wrap here), and decided to wrap the upper metal strut. It has worked out well.

I have several areas, including a public shooting range, that I shoot at depending on who I'm going with, whether I'm taking my dog, how long I expect to be out, whether the roads are passable, and my mood. The public shooting range is always crowded this time of year, so I tend to just find a place in the scrub that I can use. In winter, if I go shooting, I will use the public range because it is easier to get to.

This particular area is one that I hadn't used for a couple of years, and apparently neither had anyone else (the old refrigerator and plywood had already been there for years when I first stumbled across the site).

The stand is one that I put together with some odd pieces of PVC. The cardboard backing (just the lid from a photocopy paper box) fits into slots that I cut in the PVC tubing. As you can see, the right-side upright to hold the cardboard was the victim of an errant shot earlier this year. However, it still holds the cardboard backing. It's ugly and crude, but it works.

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