Monday, April 29, 2024

The Usual Suspects

    The police pursuit began after an SUV was reported to have been stolen out of Gainesville. Only hours after the theft, the car was detected by a license plate reader.

    Police were soon on their tail and a Bradford County sheriff's deputy confirmed the SUV was stolen as they followed and called for backup.

    Deputies verified there were several people inside the vehicle and attempted to pull it over.

    The vehicle appeared to be slowing down but then the driver hit the gas and sped away with the car reaching speeds of 111mph.

    Police patrol vehicles were unable to keep up with the car because a device in their car prevents them from accelerating too fast

    At that point, the Florida Highway Patrol were called and a trooper continued the chase.  


Reformers Prevail At NRA Meeting

The legal troubles--including allegations of corruption--was apparently too much even for the proxy voters in the NRA. As The Reload report...