Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Video: "STOP BUYING different Guns"--John Lovell

"STOP BUYING different Guns"--John Lovell (5 min.)

       Lovell wants you to consider whether you are a collector or a protector. If you are in the latter category, he urges the viewer to consider their defensive weapons as tools; and if you buy a good quality tool, you shouldn't need to upgrade it or replace it very often. Lovell tries to illustrate this point by comparing a couple different claw hammers, one used but still serviceable, and a newer model with a fancy ergonomic handle. They both work for their intended use.

       If Lovell is arguing against having a number of different firearms for similar purposes, his analogy, to a certain extent, fails. After all, how many hammers do you have? I don't even do a lot of home craftsman type work, and I have a couple of claw hammers (just regular sized ones, not the larger framing hammers), a couple of ball peen hammers, a small plastic hammer/mallet, a small hammer for my punch set, and a couple different sized mallets. My wife also has some specialized hammers. Oh, and I have sledge hammer. 

       But I have rarely had to replace a hammer. In fact, a couple of my hammers were my grandfather's and came into my possession after his death, and so have served at least a couple of generations. So, in that regard, I get his point. Focus on what you have that works, rather than needlessly wasting time and money on new weapons, new holsters, new magazines, etc., and learning the same. 

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