Tuesday, January 24, 2023

It's Not Funny When It Happens To You

The Daily Mail reports that "Muslim world summons envoys after Korans were destroyed in stunts in Sweden and the Netherlands." According to the article, the incident was set off when "Swedish-Danish politician Rasmus Paludan on Saturday set fire to a copy of the Islamic holy book in front of Turkey's embassy in the Swedish capital, stoking the anger of Turkey which then said it would not support the Scandinavian country's bid for NATO membership." As the article describes, reports of the incident set off the whiny babies all across the Muslim world with protests in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Yemen, and Palestine protesting against Sweden and burning the Swedish flag (although a few especially confused individuals also burned Israeli flags). Muslims are infamous for their vandalism of the religious books, artifacts and buildings of other religions, but get butt-hurt when it happens to them. Just more evidence that they, as a group, are incapable of peacefully co-existing with the rest of the world.


Meme of the Day: Demands

  Source: Bayou Renaissance Man I don't have a Smurf related story for you. However, while perusing Peter Grant's blog, I noted that...