Monday, December 20, 2021

Post-Weekend Reading

Just in case any of you missed them, this past week saw a new Defensive Pistolcraft post (published on the 15th) and a new Weekend Knowledge Dump from Active Response Training (published on the 17th). I don't even know where to start with each because they both have lots of great links and comments, so be sure to go to both. I thought I would focus on just three articles or points from each. 

    Jon Low's Defensive Pistolcraft:

  1. Jon links to a PDF copy of "The Armed Citizen – A Five Year Analysis" by Claude Warner. If you haven't already read this, go to Low's post and follow the link. The report gives insights on what are probably the more important points on which the civilian defender should concentrate.
  2. Jon has several links and comments related to the topic of why you should not talk to police outside the presence of your legal counsel following a shooting. One of the incidents that he mentions is that of Michael Drejka. You might remember Drejka's case because he (Drejka) started in on a "Karen" routine with a black woman parked in an handicap parking space, got shoved to the ground by the woman's boyfriend (Markeis McGlockton), then drew his pistol and shot McGlockton as McGlockton began to back away. When I first heard of this incident, I thought that there were some problematic points about the shooting that made it a borderline case of self-defense, focusing on the fact that McGlockton appeared to have started retreating and that Drejka's actions may have been based on a desire to "win the fight" rather than "stop the attack". Others thought the shooting would prove to problematic as well. While Drejka was not initially charged with a crime, he apparently talked himself into being charged with manslaughter because of his insistence on explaining to the police why he shot McGlockton based on the so-called "21-foot rule."  
  3. On a related note, Jon also provides a link to the article "What Every Gun Owner Needs to Know About Self-Defense Law" by Marty Hayes, J.D. 

    Active Response Training:

  1. Greg links to an interesting article titled "Why Trigger Jerk Is A Myth" by John "Shrek" McPhee. Essentially, McPhee argues (and apparently has the video evidence to back it up) that what is termed "trigger jerk" is, in fact, no such thing; and the use of the term merely confuses the issue. That is, the force provided by pulling the trigger is not sufficient to break or alter one's grip on a handgun. "As I started examining the trigger-jerk notion, what I realized was that if the trigger finger doesn’t have the time or the strength to overpower the rest of the firing-hand grip when shooting, that means the gun was already pointed low-left and your brain rationalized that you were going to hit the middle of the target by telling you your point-of-aim was correct." 
  2. Another article to check out is one on the different colors for sunglasses and shooting glasses and for what each is good or useful.
  3. Finally, Greg links to an Active Self-Protection video showing a brawl at a metro station in Minneapolis where some black kid went bat-sh** crazy on a few white guys. But Greg echoes what I've been saying about the greater mob violence, writing:

People are wound up right now.  It doesn’t look like that’s going to change in the near future.  We’re witnessing the “collapse” most of us have been preparing for.  The only difference between this and the zombie apocalypse is time scale.  Our current collapse is operating in slow motion, but it’s most definitely happening.

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