Friday, December 10, 2021

New "Weekend Knowledge Dump" from Active Response Training

 Greg Ellifritz has posted his weekly "Weekend Knowledge Dump". Some of the topics that caught my attention were:

  • An article on gas masks and selecting the best model for preppers. Whether you should get one is addressed in the article, but the author certain believes it to be warranted if you live near a chemical plant, nuclear reactor, etc. The author also notes that they are helpful if dealing with particularly virulent diseases, or live in areas that have frequent wildfires (to deal with smoke and vapors).
  • An in depth look at the .22 Magnum and where it most shines, which is dealing with vermin and smaller predators like skunks and foxes, maybe even as big as coyotes.
  • A couple articles discussing how car thieves are now using Apple's AirTags to track vehicles they want to steel. Basically, they conceal an AirTag on a vehicle they want to target, and then can follow it or find it later at a place or time more expeditious for committing the theft. One reason for criminals to choose AirTags over a GPS tracking device is probably the cost since one of the articles mentions that you can get 4 for $100.
  • Greg included a report from Claude Werner where Werner analyzed all the defensive engagements reported in the NRA’s “Armed Citizen” column for five years and made some findings. As you would expect, since the "Armed Citizen" column only deals with gun related encounters, just over half of the incidents occurred at home, and another 30% or so at a business. Of the 492 incidents, reloading was only required in three instances. Shots were fired in 72% of the incidents with both the average and median number being two. "Of the incidents where shots are fired by a defender, at least one assailant [was] killed in 53% of those incidents." Interestingly, a fast draw and immediate access to a firearm was not necessarily required:

Incidents rarely occurred in reaction time (i.e., ¼ second increments). Most commonly, criminals acted in a shark-like fashion, slowly circling and alerting their intended victims. The defender(s) then had time to access even weapons that were stored in other rooms and bring them to bear. 

  • Greg includes an Armory Life article on using a weapon mounted light (focusing on pistol mounted lights) that has good tips and information.
  • Finally, Greg included a video by Ken Hackathorn on the "new reality," being that due to the defund the police movement and protests of 2020, we no longer can depend on calling the police and getting a response, let alone a quick response. Be sure to watch the whole thing.

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