Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Man Who Pointed Gun At Cinematographer And Pulled Trigger Says He Would Never Do That

The Daily Mail reports that Alec Baldwin is denying he pulled the trigger of the revolver he used to kill Halyna Hutchins.

    Alec Baldwin wept as he described accidentally shooting dead his cinematographer on the set of his film Rust, saying 'I didn't pull the trigger' during an interview with ABC's George Stephanopoulos.

    Baldwin said accidentally discharging his gun and killing Halyna Hutchins was the worst thing that's ever happened to him.

    'I think back, I think: 'What could I have done?' Baldwin said. 

    In a teaser of the interview that's set to air tomorrow at 8 a.m., Baldwin at times held his head in his hands and appeared tearful, the actor denied firing the bullet, saying the gun inexplicably went off after he picked it up. 

    'The trigger wasn't pulled, I didn't pull the trigger,' he said. 'I would never point a gun at anyone at point a trigger at them, never.'

Well, the single-action revolver didn't cock itself.


  1. Liar! He is not only a liar, he is a miscreant, anti-American hunk of junk. He is not worth the time to excoriate him.

    1. Yes. He cocked the weapon while pointing it at them. I suppose he could be technically correct that he didn’t pull the trigger when the shot went off because he had already pulled the trigger back so the sear didn’t engage before cocking it and then simply let go of the hammer. I would have to defer to someone familiar with the SAA if that scenario is possible. But if it were, Baldwin was even more reckless in his handling of the weapon.


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