Monday, November 8, 2021

The Continued Politicization Of The FBI

In 2019, Joe Biden's daughter Ashley was in a drug rehab facility. A diary she was keeping was, depending on the source, either stolen or left behind at the facility and eventually came into the hands of Project Veritas. The diary is notable because it apparently is "bristling with potential bombshells – including repeated discussion of drug use, marital failure, multiple affairs and her issues with her father, whom she claimed to have showered with in situations that were 'probably not appropriate'." (Emphasis in original).

    Project Veritas was unable to confirm its authenticity, and offered it to Ashley's attorney, who refused it, after which it was turned over to law enforcement. Project Veritas never published anything from the diary.  National File somehow obtained a digital copy of the diary and published the contents, but the story was, of course, never picked up by any major media outlets.

    Now it seems that the diary was, indeed, authentic. How do we know? The FBI has now launched an investigation in how the diary came into the hands of Project Veritas, including raids on Project Veritas writers and associates and the home of its founder, James O’Keefe. 

    The diary isn't really the issue--it has been sitting out there for some time with hardly any notice given to it--it was merely a convenient excuse to obtain warrants to search Project Veritas and seize materials. This is a political hit job against a journalistic group that the regime deems to be its enemies.



  1. And to do this to a journalist - big trouble.

    1. I hope his life was squeaky clean; otherwise, they will blackmail him.


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