Thursday, November 11, 2021

POTD: Veteran's Day

 Veteran's Day was originally established to honor those that died in The Great War (WWI). Here are some photographs of sites and people involved in that terrible conflict:

Troops in a trench on Gallipoli (Source: "Terror of the Trenches... never looked so REAL: New colourised images give a glimpse of the carnage and camaraderie during some of WWI's bloodiest battles"--Daily Mail.

"Pictured above is a military camp on the battlefield of Pasubio during World War I" (Source: "Secret survivors of the Great War: Fascinating new book reveals the abandoned WWI ruins that have survived for over a century, from New York to Australia via the British countryside"--Daily Mail).

What the same area looks like today: "MONTE PASUBIO, TRENTINO, ITALY ...: Faulkner describes the limestone massif of Monte Pasubio as ‘one of the war’s most remote battlefields’. He writes: ‘This massif of jagged peaks and plateaus more than 2,000m (6,500ft) high saw Italians and Austrians engaged in years of attritional warfare in freezing rock-cut trenches and dugouts.'" (Source: Daily Mail).

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