Friday, November 12, 2021

New Weekend Knowledge Dump from Active Response Training

Greg Ellifritz has another Weekend Knowledge Dump with plenty of articles and commentary with good information for self-defense and prepping. Some that particularly stuck out:

  • An article from Survival Sullivan on "What It Feels To Be Shot." The author of that piece compiled brief accounts from 11 people on what they felt and how they reacted to being shot. The main takeaway is that people's reactions differed greatly with some not immediately feeling pain and others being overwhelmed with pain, some panicking and others responding calmly, etc. 
  • An article from Reflex Handgun on the advantages of a revolver over a semi-auto in deep concealment. Most of it has to do with the shape of the grip and the absence of a tang which make a revolver more amenable to not printing in the AIWB position and easier to draw, especially with a tucked in shirt.
  • Greg links to an article from Swift-Silent-Deadly on using a holster as a "safety" for a striker fired pistol. The author begins by noting that unlike traditional single-action semi-auto pistols like the 1911, striker fired pistols have no active safeties to keep the trigger from accidently being pulled by an errant shirt tail or the like. Thus, with such weapons, the author has been using a removable holster to render the firearm "safe" in various situations. If you use a striker fired pistol or a semi-auto without a manual safety that is carried cocked, be sure to check this out this article.
  • Another article which is included is "GET OFF MY LAWN: Suburban Defense Starts with Keeping Intruders Off Your Property" from Organic Prepper which ties in nicely with my recent post, "Comments re: What Is Coming," to discuss methods of hardening your property, particularly a suburban lot.
  • Finally, although my overseas travel has been limited to the two years I spent in Japan, I find books and articles about keeping yourself safe when overseas to be full of good information for self-defense and prepping even inside the United States; more so now that we have re-entered a period of growing civil unrest. Greg has included a lengthy article from Off-Grid Magazine called "What If You're Stuck In A Country Consumed By Political Turmoil." The article sets up a scenario of someone staying in a second or third world country for a short period on business--perhaps a week or so--when Anti-American protests break out and crackdowns on foreigners begins. The rest of the article is written by two authors on what they do when traveling overseas to prepare for having to hunker down or get out of the country. The first piece is written by Danny Pritbor, a DoD contractor. The second is from Miles Vining, who has lived overseas as a child, while serving in the military, and now working for an international relief organization. I have to say that for the business traveler, I feel that Vining's discussion is probably both more realistic for the businessman or tourist and less likely to land you in hot water with authorities. But read both and take what you can from each.

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