Friday, November 12, 2021

Michael Yon: Border Remains Open

WRSA linked to this update from Michael Yon on the border crises in Texas. Yon is very negative toward Governor Abbot, writing: "Texas Governor Greg Abbott pretends he is doing something to close the border. This is false" and "I came to this border hoping that Abbott was telling the truth. He's not." Essentially, while there is some Texas National Guard at the border, they are not doing anything to stop border crossings or physically secure the border. 

'Migrants' cross the river right in front of us. Texas National Guard do nothing but wait for Border Patrol, but huge numbers avoid the National Guard completely. They are breaking into homes and destroying fences deep in the interior dozens of miles from the border. We were there in Bracketville seeing this yesterday, and Eagle Pass last evening, and this morning in Eagle Pass some more.

There is more at the link.

    Related: "Texas cops reveal that cartels are committing murders on US side of border: Woman was killed, mutilated, raped and tortured"--Daily Mail. This isn't a once-off incident. Per the article:

'These criminal organizations come across from Mexico to the US side and they murder individuals,' [Lt. Chris Olivarez of the Texas Department of Public Safety] told Fox News. 'We've had several incidents that have taken place along the border using professional-type weapons. Very professional and methodical about how they do it and then they go back to Mexico.' 

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