Monday, November 8, 2021

Biden Looking At Shutting Down Another Pipeline

Faux-President Biden has heard your cries of "Let's Go Brandon," and his reply is a big middle finger in return: he is considering shutting down the Line 5 oil pipeline that links Superior, Wisconsin with Sarnia, Ontario, at a time when fuel prices are at near record highs. When Republican congressmen raised concerns that the shut-down would exacerbate fuel prices and shortages, the Biden Administration's response was essentially "what does it matter" with Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm stating that fuel prices are going to skyrocket this winter anyway.


  1. It is as if Brandon and his handlers are intentionally trying to destroy the nation. Between constricting energy supplies, profligate spending, opening our borders to the third world, the humiliating withdrawal from Afghanistan, the vax mandates, and stoking racial division, I don't know what he would do differently. Every bit of it is intentional.

    1. I agree. He is creating a problem that is hoped will force Americans to accede to massive changes in their rights and their governance, a' la the Cloward-Piven Strategy, but seeking much more than a universal basic income.


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