Thursday, October 21, 2021

VIDEO: "2nd Coming of Jesus Christ Timeline - LDS Last Days"


VIDEO: "2nd Coming of Jesus Christ Timeline - LDS Last Days"--Gospel Lessons (19 min.)
This video goes over the three occasions that Christ will appear: (1) at His temple in the New Jerusalem, (2) when He appears on the Mount of Olives and saves the Jews, and (3) when He comes in his red robes and appears to all of the world. The author's timeline indicates that we (the members of the LDS Church) are already within the great apostasy; and the author believes that the War of Armageddon will precede the 1/2 hour silence in heaven. In fact, he is contending that the converted Jews will be the one's to rebuild Jerusalem and build a temple following the War of Armageddon and appearance of Christ to the Jews. This suggests to me, then, gives some context to the statements in Ezekiel 39 about what appears to be at least a 7 month period, and perhaps as long (or longer) than 7 year period of cleansing the land--this is in preparation for the Lord's return in glory to the temple that will be in (Old) Jerusalem. 

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