Friday, October 22, 2021

New Weekend Knowledge Dump ...

 ... from Greg Ellifritz at  Active Response Training. Lot's of good links, as is usual; and, again as is usual, I will picked just a few to mention.

  • First up, since I like to shoot revolvers, is an article to which Greg links is on some basic do's and don'ts from the Revolver Guy. Most of the don't are common sense: not abusing the revolver by flipping the cylinder out or flipping it closed, dry firing a rimfire revolver, etc. But the author has some good basic information on things to do, like using plastic, #4 drywall anchors for .22 LR revolver dry-fire practice, and instructions on proper cleaning and lubing, including the critical areas to apply oil.
  • Greg also links to a Field & Stream article on the history of the Remington 870 shotguns, including which ones to avoid and which are better catches for those buying one on the used market. 
  • Another article to check out is "The Support Hand Knife" from He explains why you might want to consider, where legal, to carry a small fixed-blade knife in the AIWB position, opposite of your gun. He also has some advice on using a knife, the most important point of which is that you can't use the knife (which is still a lethal weapon) unless the situation would justify using your handgun. The knife serves as a secondary, alternative weapon should your draw be jammed by an attacker.
  • Yet another article to check out is one that discusses the safe wearing of a seat belt when carrying (with special attention to AIWB carry). Basically, you are for more likely to be involved in an automobile accident than need to get your gun, so you need to make sure that you are wearing your seatbelt correctly.
  • Finally, I liked the article on why backup iron sights (BIUS) for a handgun red-dot are probably useless--maybe even worse than useless. Why? Because a BIUS won't work if the red-dot sight is fogged, dirty, or cracked; i.e., if you can't see through the window on the red-dot, you won't be able to see the front sight post of your iron sights. The article does discuss some alternate sighting methods, however.
Anyway, a lot more than I discussed, so check it out.

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