Friday, October 15, 2021

Greg Ellifritz's 500th Weekend Knowledge Dump

This week marks the 500th Weekend Knowledge Dump from Greg Ellifritz at his Active Response Training blog. He writes:

Since I started the project, you’ve received the Weekend Knowledge Dump every week without a single exception for almost 10 years.  Think about it.  How many other tactical blogs do you read that have delivered a consistent three or four articles a week for 10 years? 

So, I think we owe Greg a hearty congratulations and thank you.

    There are, as is usual, a bevy of useful articles and comments at the link. One of the links is to an article from NRA Family with some pointers on using a hunting shotgun for a self-defense shotgun. Obviously, as noted in the article, the biggest problem is maneuvering a shotgun meant for the field in the confines of a building. The article notes that some people, therefore, will purchase a dedicated defensive shotgun. The author's answer is to learn how to maneuver with the longer barrel. I don't know if it is much of a solution if you are trying to use a shotgun with a 26-inch barrel. My solution, when my son was getting ready to purchase a shotgun, was to advise him to purchase a field gun (in his case, an 870) and then purchase a short defensive length barrel later. The reason for that order of purchase is because an 18.5-inch barrel typically runs about $100, but a ribbed barrel for use in the field will run almost as much as buying a second shotgun. That way, he could have it set up in a defensive configuration and then switch it easily for hunting. 

    Another article that caught my attention was how famed big-game hunter (and author of Death in the Long GrassPeter Capstick used a Mac-10 to kill about 30 baboons in a large tribe of baboons that had seriously injured a native woman and killed her baby. Great story, great photographs. Check it out.

    Greg also links to an article/video from Lucky Gunner on using a cheek weld for certain types of handguns. Although the Lucky Gunner video seemed to suggest that this was an amazingly novel idea, I think of it as an inevitable development. AR pistols with buffered tubes covered in some sort of soft foam rubber have been around for years exactly for the purpose of using a cheek weld with the buffer tube. When I initially put together my AR pistol build my intention was to use a push/pull method of stabilization using a bungee single point sling, but I quickly switched to putting the buffer tube up to my cheek for a steadier hold, especially when shooting out to 100 yards. I've even read an article where a reviewer used the cheek weld when testing the Recover Tactical chassis for Glock pistols outfitted with an arm brace (the arm brace was too short to shoulder, but provided a decent cheek weld). So, it seems almost inevitable that someone would try it with a pistol that lacks a reciprocating slide but mounts a red dot even if otherwise lacking a buffer tube or other extension from the back of the weapon. I have to say, though, that the Kel-Tec P50 pistol seems almost purpose built for this type of hold. 

    Another article that caught my attention was "Preparedness: A Realistic Bug Out Bag" from Swift Silent Deadly. This article takes a more realistic view of a BOB rather than one envisioning you will be engaging in SERE activities or fighting off hoards of zombies. Just the basics if you need to evacuate from your house to a friend's or relative's house, or staying in a hotel: not too big a bag that contains a change of clothing, some basic hygiene supplies, some cash, backup credit cards or identification, battery pack and/or recharger for your phone, etc.

    Greg has a lot more, so be sure to give it a look.

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