Thursday, October 14, 2021

Another Gun Control Fail: "Norway’s bow-and-arrow killings seen as ‘act of terror’"--AP

You may have heard of the mass shooting in Norway yesterday. A man, Espen Andersen Braathen, used a bow (and perhaps one or two other weapons) to kill 5 and wound 3 others. According to the AP article of the event, Braathen was known by Norway’s domestic intelligence service, the PST. Furthermore:

Regional Police Chief Ole B. Saeverud described the man as being known as a Muslim convert and said there “earlier had been worries of the man having been radicalized,” but he did not elaborate or say why he was previously flagged or [what] authorities did in response.

The Daily Mail reports that "some of Bråthen's victims - four [women] and one man, all aged from 50 to 70 - were killed in their homes, while others died in the street." The article also relates:

    Bråthen has a lengthy criminal history, including an incident in May last year in which he went to his father's house and threatened to kill him while carrying a handgun, which he then left behind on the sofa. He subsequently had a restraining order taken out against him, which he breached in August. 

    Meanwhile, a former neighbour told Norwegian outlet VG that the man had a 'bad vibe' and used to practise fencing in his garden using 'clubs, sticks and batons'.

    'There was no elegance in the fencing, he fenced with brutality. He was always alone. From the kitchen window I could look into his apartment. It was very messy... I got a bad feeling,' the neighbour said.

    An image taken by one nervous neighbour in August 2020 shows Bråthen on his doorstep - having gained weight and grown his hair since the 2017 video - speaking with two police. 

    The neighbour added that, in June last year, police came to the man's house wearing shields and helmets and ordered him to come out. Officers then handcuffed him and took him away.

    Then, in August, the neighbour saw the man talking to police outside his house for 'a long time' before they left. It is thought that this incident relates to his alleged breach of bail.

From the photographs, he used standard field points--commonly used for practice--rather than broadheads. 

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