Friday, September 3, 2021

VIDEO: "Did China just Declare WAR?"

VIDEO: "Breaking - Did China just Declare WAR?"--serpentza (25 min.)

The video discusses an article or statement that has been released by the Chinese government and published in the official newspapers that states the US is engaging in biological warfare and ferocious attacks against China, and other transgressions against China. The author's take is that the article is preparing the Chinese for war against the United States.


  1. Nah. It's internal consensus.

    They will just continue on until what they want is inevitable. (See: Taiwan)

    1. So, will Taiwan play the role Serbia did in WWI (or Poland did in WWII), or do you think the West will just shrug it off?

    2. At this point I'm not sure Joe would fight back if the Chinese laid claim to Alaska.


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