Thursday, September 23, 2021

Russian University Shooting

You may have heard of the shooting at a Russian University a few days ago. It left 8 dead and 28 wounded. From an AP report (courtesy of The Truth About Guns):

    A gunman opened fire Monday at a university in Russia, leaving eight people dead and 28 hurt, officials said.

    The suspect was detained after being wounded in an exchange of fire with police, the Interior Ministry said. There was no immediate information available on his identity or possible motive.

    During the attack, students and staff at Perm State University locked themselves in rooms, and video posted on Russian news sites showed some students jumping out of second-story windows.

    In some footage, a black-clad, helmeted figure could be seen striding on a campus sidewalk cradling a long-barreled weapon. Russia’s Investigative Committee said the gunman fired a smoothbore hunting weapon. That could indicate he used a shotgun.

    A traffic police unit was the first to reach the scene, and the suspect opened fire on them, according to the Interior Ministry. He was wounded when police returned fire and then was disarmed, the ministry said.

    Marcus Wynne has found the video footage mentioned above embedded in this article from Leaked Reality. A few points that jumped out at me. First, the video captures the shooting (and presumably death) of a person at what appears to be a security checkpoint using turn stalls. The only thing the check point did was bunch people together and slow the escape of some. The shooter merely stepped over the turn stalls and proceeded into the building. Most security is useless theater.

    Second, the shooter was wearing what appeared to be a steel pot helmet: useless for stopping bullets, but it would limit his situational awareness and provides a great handle for a head take down.

    Third, police appeared to have easily stopped the shooter who gave up quickly once he was wounded. This again reiterates the point that a good guy with a gun can generally deal quickly with the lone active shooter.

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