Friday, September 24, 2021

Active Response Training's Weekend Knowledge Dump ...

 ... for this weekend has a bunch of good articles, including topics such as:

  • Advise on how to better conceal a handgun, because the Leftists and Karens (including DA's and prosecutors) are increasingly intolerant of people carrying.
  • An article from Organic Prepper that uses examples of how body guards/security spot problem people in a crowd, and applying that to those exercising personal protection.
  • An article on acceptable combat accuracy for a handgun (being able to regularly place your shots within vital areas out to 25 yards); and another on long range handgun accuracy (hitting targets out to 200 yards).
  • A SWAT Magazine article on maintaining your rifle (focusing on the AR15) based on the author's experience and training while in military service and updated over his subsequent experience.
  • A "must-read" article from Spotter-Up on performing angular searches (i.e., around corners) inside a structure. As Jon Low mentioned in his most recent post, clearing a room or structure is dangerous, especially for the lone person, but you may nevertheless need to do it in order to protect your loved ones so you better know how to do it.
  • An article from Recoil on some field expedient methods of controlling bleeding or patching a sucking chest wound when you don't have your IFAK with you, or there are more people injured than you have supplies for.
  • And a lot more ...
And with how busy my schedule has been this past few weeks, I missed the Weekend Knowledge Dump from September 17. Just a few of the articles/topics:

  • A book review exploring whether France's gun control laws prior to World War II hamper the resistance movement after the German occupation. While the article does not come to a definitive conclusion, the author notes: "What it does do is force readers to entertain a simple question: When a hostile and brutal power takes over, do you want your countrymen to have guns at hand, or not?"
  • For those attempting to collect antibiotics for SHTF, Greg has included links to a couple sources of information on different antibiotics and what they are best used to treat.
  • A review of Federal’s 8 Pellet FLITECONTROL 00 Buckshot loads.
  • A look at what factors or properties make for a good holster.
  • And a lot more....

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