Friday, August 13, 2021

New Weekend Knowledge Dump ...

... from Active Response Training. Just a few of the articles that jumped out at me:

  • An article with an extensive list of red dot sights capable of being mounted on a pistol cross indexed to the four major mounting "footprints": The C-More Footprint (e.g., Vortex Razor), The Docter Footprint (e.g., Burris FastFire 3), The RMR Footprint (e.g., Trijicon RMR Type 2), The Shield Footprint (e.g., Leupold DeltaPoint Pro). It also has some more general information concerning mounting red dots.
  • An article on the pros and cons of using a vertical foregrip. Greg Ellifritz mentions that there was a time that he would not run an AR without one, but that he is less dogmatic now; and, in fact, isn't currently using a vertical forgrip on any of his rifles. I took a compromise position using a Strike Industries' LINK Curved ForeGrip on my ARs. I have a fairly tall vertical foregrip on one of my other rifles, but I've been thinking of going to a shorter grip.
  • As Ellifritz has predicted, private security firms are stepping in to fill the voids left by police defunding and/or less proactive law enforcement. In this case, Ellifritz links to a story out of Portland about one particular company, Ravencrest Force Protection Group, patrolling the old-town area. And the operator interviewed for the article has a name straight out of an action novel or movie: Jean-Pierre LaFont. And he's a former SEAL to boot.
  • And a 2016 article on what to do if your car is surrounded by protestors. 

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