Thursday, August 5, 2021

Eviction Moratorium Extended Although Biden Knows Its Illegal

Last week it appeared that the national eviction moratorium was going to end. In fact, leaving to go to work, I saw a three-day eviction notice being taped to the door of a rental house in my neighborhood. But, notwithstanding a U.S. Supreme Court decision holding the moratorium issued by CDC is illegal, the Biden Administration and CDC decided to extend it anyway. Tucker Carlson explains more about this in the video below:

Relevant parts starts about 1 min. into the video.

Not-The-Bee also has its sarcastic take on the matter: "WaPo and CNN: Biden's destruction of private property rights is illegal but hey, we like it.

    As Tucker discusses in the video, this is a huge assault on the rule of law and the Constitution. There are no legal grounds for what is going on--it is just a pure exercise of power because, as Tucker notes, the government has a monopoly on the use of force. 

    There are two routes in this matter: First, State governors, legislatures and courts are going to have to push back against the Federal decrees. After all, actions to evict tenants falls within state jurisdiction, not federal. In Idaho, the Idaho Supreme Court has simply gone along with the federal recommendations and ordered magistrates not to process actions to evict tenants. This needs to change.

    Second, this is a clear example of a taking. There ought to be class actions suits against the Federal Government (and, where appropriate, State governments that are willing accomplices) seeking just compensation under the law.

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