Saturday, July 17, 2021

New Weekend Knowledge Dump ...

 ... from Greg Ellifritz at Active Response Training. First, I want to thank Greg for a shout-out about the compendium of weapon retention articles in my July 7 Docent's Memo. Now on to some of the other subjects discussed in the articles and videos for which he provides links:

  • "The Collective Mood and You" is an article on figuring out how dangerous the people in a given venue, neighborhood, etc., might be. As the author of the article explains:

The collective mood of an area is best described as the social or emotional atmosphere of an environment, situation, or place.  By assessing the collective mood in your everyday routine you will be able to set a baseline for all of the places you visit on a daily basis and then be able to more accurately assess the individuals and groups that don’t align with the given situation.  These misalignments, or anomalies, can help you recognize potential threats or people that are present with intentions other than the norm for the area.

Greg goes over this topic in his book, Choose Adventure: Safe Travel in Dangerous Places. But as to this particular article, Greg writes:

I occasionally am asked how I assess the relative safety of the areas I inhabit when I travel to third world countries.  Different customs and language change societal norms, but these factors remain relatively constant no matter where you are in the world.  Take a look at this article and learn how to assess the baseline.  It will help you make a good decision.  The techniques are mentioned by the authors of Left of Bang, an excellent book to check out if you want to learn more about baseline behavior profiling.

  • An article on tomahawks for utility and as weapons.
  • The best strategy for surviving a grenade blast.
  • A video that, among other things, discusses why punching with keys extended between your fingers is useless, although it is often raised as a viable defensive tool by the self-defense "experts" so popular with the news media.
  • An article on diversionary tactics used by narcissists, sociopaths and psychopaths. 
  • Nonmetallic weapons for the person wanting to carry into a non-permissive environment using metal detectors to check for weapons. 
  • An article on how to pattern a shotgun (i.e., learn where the pellets or shot is striking).
  • Dealing with an astigmatism when using a red dot or optic.
  • An article providing an overview of what is happening in South Africa, and especially the security situation for civilians. The author of that piece relates that "Minorities and private security started forming neighbourhood defence teams and the police even requested help from armed citizens after many were overrun and looted." Greg warns: 

When I talk about this type of “dual systems” of protection (police vs. private security) in third world countries, people tell me “that could never happen here.”  Really?  I’ve spent some time in South Africa.  It’s far from a third world country.  I guarantee you will see the same thing here in the next decade.

  • And a lot more....
So be sure to check it out.


  1. "The Collective Mood and You" describes the negative mood at the Walmart nearest my home at any time other than the early morning. That Walmart gets even worse after dark.

    1. It will get worse, unfortunately, because the same propaganda used to get whites to feel guilty also acts to embolden, if not outrage, other segments of the population. Stay sharp.


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