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The Docent's Memo (4/7/2021)



The Achilles heel of such systems is that the eye can only focus on one focal point. Everything before or after that point will be out of focus. When attempting to align three components, the target, front sight, and rear… precision is impacted by the fuzzy outline of the rear sight and the target. Remember the front sight is our focal point. Precisely aligning an in-focus orb into an out-of-focus notch can only be done with so much precision.


In contrast, the peep sights operate on a different mechanism. Since we are looking through the rear sight, which is a pinhole, it improves our ability to focus on things both near and far. Focusing on the front sight becomes easier, and the target remains sharper due to the enhancement of our depth of field. ... When there is adequate light, peep sights are superior simply because they give our ability to focus on the front sight AND the target a boost. Remember when you peer through the rear peep, its job is done. Ignore it. Front sight crystal clear, target aligned. Squeeze.

    One of the benefits of a stick as a defense against dogs is almost all dogs understand sticks, while most do not understand guns. It is far better to discourage a dog than to have to kill one. No one will deny a walking stick to a retired gentleman or lady.

    Over my life, I have had to discourage numerous dogs. A stick is the best solution, in my humble opinion. A mild whack with a stick will put most dogs into retreat. I am told pepper spray is almost as good as a stick. I have been told it only works on dogs that are not committed to the attack. A couple of times, without a stick, I came close to killing dogs with my Glock. Fortunately, I was able to avoid the experience.

    A stick does not have an expiration date, is relatively inexpensive, provides a visual deterrent, and is not affected by wind to any significant extent.

  • Should have been a defensive gun use: "Homeless man jailed after allegedly slashing Hasidic couple and baby"--New York Post. I'm sure the victims are thrilled the New York City keeps crime victims disarmed and helpless. In watching the video, note that the attacker walks past the couple and their stroller then turns and comes up from behind them. Watch your six.
  • "Woman opens fire on Bronx bodega employee, video shows"--New York Post. This incident is unusual because there was no attempt at robbery; the attacker simply shoved her pistol through the opening in the barrier and started shooting. It isn't apparent from the main security feed, but if you watch the video from the camera behind the counter, you can see the woman's pistol apparently jam as she quickly racks the slide and continues shooting. 
  • "Shocking video shows 61-year-old man sucker punched on busy Bronx street"--New York Post. Not sure what provoked this, but the attacker had walked past where the victim was standing, turned, and went back before punching the victim. I wish there was audio, because I suspect that the victim said something to provoke the attacker. Not saying that the attacker was justified--although there are a few states that recognize "fighting words" as a defense to a charge of assault and/or battery, I do not believe New York is one of those.
  • "The Battle Belt: 3 Essential Tips for Carrying Gear Like a Boss"--Everyday Marksman. The author relates:
    With this post, I want to focus specifically on the battle belt. But here’s the thing, how you configure your belt, if you use one at all, is a highly personal thing. I don’t want to be like every other article that prescribes a solution for you regardless of your needs.

    Instead, I’m going to walk you through my own belt’s evolution and why I’ve made the decisions I have.


    Before I get to my own evolution, I wanted to talk about some quick philosophical points I’ve learned over time.

  • Battle belts are for making holes and plugging holes [i.e., ammo/fighting gear and first aid/trauma care]
  • If it’s heavy enough to need suspenders, rethink your approach
  • Avoid putting things on your legs if you can

    The tac belt represents a solid middle ground between the completely discreet CCW belt and the loaded battle belt. Since the tac belt attaches to your pants and sits much closer to the body, it allows you to easily conceal your gear under a jacket or loose-fitting shirt.

    A good tactical belt is typically stiffer and supports more equipment than a CCW belt. That means you can carry more ammunition and support gear.

    Another advantage of the tactical belt’s integration with your clothing is that it moves with you rather than on you. Set up correctly, it feels as if it’s part of you.

    When pair the tac belt with other equipment, like a chest rig, then you have a perfectly scalable solution that works for both discrete carry as well as higher-profile situations.
  • "What To Do with Trash?" by Mrs. Alaska, The Survival Blog. Obviously, this issue is more easily dealt with on a farm or homestead rather than a small suburban lot or the confines of a city. The author goes over the various categories of trash or waste and what can be done with each.
  • "Keeping Garden Tools Sharp" by Tom Kovach, Self-Reliance. The author begins:
A few minutes spent sharpening garden tools can save hours in the garden. Sharp tools make work easier and safer. A sharp hoe can quickly cut through soil to sever a weed. But a dull hoe will take more effort and may not do as good a job as a sharp hoe does. This holds true for all garden tools. You also keep your plants more healthy with sharp tools. Dull gardening shears can split and tear stems, opening them to infection. Sharp shears make clean cuts that heal quickly.
  • "Bearing Replacement"--Blue Collar Prepping. Why care? The author explains: "Bearings are simple, I covered the basic types last week, and most of them are replaceable. The work of replacing them can be dirty, greasy, and a pain in the neck but is generally worth the effort. Being able to do some of your own basic repairs makes you a little bit more independent and opens up opportunities to rehabilitate things that others have no further use for. Fixing up a trailer, wagon, bicycle, or vehicle might come in handy if our normal system of supply crashes. We invented the wheel to make life simpler, it would suck to lose them."
  • "Bug-Out Bags: Beyond The Basics" by Jim Cobb, Self-Reliance. The basics are food, water/water purification, first-aid, and methods to start a fire. Cobb discusses protection from the sun or elements and insects, cleanliness, and tools/supplies that will make your life easier.
  • "Best First Aid Kit For General Purpose & Survival"--Modern Survival Blog. This article recommends some kits from Surviveware. It isn't just the contents, but the bags that the author really likes.
  • "Backpacking: Let’s Get Started"--Loose Rounds. A good article on planning a backpacking trip.
  • "How To Live Without Electricity for the Rest of Your Life" by Rebekah Pierce, The Survivalist Blog. A look at getting water, different ways of storing food to preserve it from root cellars to canning to salting and curing, cooking, lighting, etc.

VIDEO: "How to use a Flashlight for Self-Defense: Fight with Light"--The Modern Defender (6 min.)

Spicy Time Cometh:
  • "Welcome to the Decade of Concern"--The Scholar's Stage. I definitely recommend reading the whole article, but I will attempt to summarize it for those lacking the time. The gist of the article is that "for three decades America traded out modernization and longer-term force structure procurement for the sake of maintaining readiness and battlefield operations." This means that the U.S. has a broad array of weapon systems and platforms that have reached or are quickly reaching their useful lives, but their replacements--the products of modernization programs--are about a decade away from full adoption. Similarly, the military has begun or will be shortly beginning changes to force structures to reflect new missions and/or make them more efficient, but these changes will likely also take the remainder of the decade to complete. In the interim, the Chinese will reach a point about mid-decade where they will have the capability of taking Taiwan. Having a force advantage in the mid-2020's and facing the erosion of that advantage the longer they delay, the author believes that the Chinese will feel compelled to invade Taiwan mid-decade lest they lose the opportunity.

    You can see how similar opportunities drove military decisions and outcomes in the past. The author cites to Germany's conundrum of having to launch wars before they were ready because to have waited longer would have allowed its enemies, including Russia, the time needed to fully develop their defenses and vital infrastructure. Conversely, Japan had lost World War II by the time it attacked Pearl Harbor because the U.S. Navy had already spent over a decade restructuring to fight Japan and procurement plans meant new ships were already nearly completed by the time of the Japanese attack in December 1941. 

    Grandmaster Jay’s group, the NFAC [Not Fucking Around Coalition], is a Black militia whose goals, other than to abjure Fucking Around, are obscure. It has a militarylike structure, fields an army of hundreds of heavily armed men and women, subscribes to esoteric racist doctrines, opposes Black Lives Matter, and follows a leader who thinks we live in a period of apocalyptic tribulation signaled by the movements of celestial bodies. Its modus operandi is to deploy a more fearsome Black militia wherever white militias dare to appear. Eventually, it intends to establish a racially pure country called the United Black Kemetic Nation. (“Kemet,” Jay explained, “is the original name of Egypt, which means ‘land of the Blacks.’”) A patch on Grandmaster Jay’s body armor bore the new nation’s initials, UBKN.

    The NFAC leader’s real name is John Fitzgerald Johnson. He is a former soldier, a failed political candidate, a hip-hop DJ, a rambling egotist, and a prolific self-promoter. His life sometimes seems like a long disinformation campaign about itself. The alternate versions of Jay do not seem to cohere into a single person. “I’ve lived five different lives,” he told me, enigmatically. “Like a Rubik’s Cube.”

Notwithstanding Johnson's express racism, including black nationalism and anti-Semitism, and messianic beliefs about himself, Wood is mostly positive about Johnson and his group, as compared to the numerous snide comments about groups perceived to be white supremacist groups. Johnson was arrested in December 2020, so it is possible that his group may shrivel and dry up, but I think it is definitely one to keep an eye on.

What appears to be happening is the last dying gasps of an empire of debt as it thrashes about using un-Constitutional means to control its subjects, while injecting trillions of fiat dollars as an adrenaline treatment for a terminal cancer diagnosis. As a last resort, initiating a global war with Russia and China would certainly distract the masses and keep them from realizing the true enemy within. Turning Washington DC into an armed encampment is not to protect the government from white supremacists. It is to protect the traitorous creatures in Congress and the White House from the citizens when this diabolical plan blows up in our faces.

    Today, the oligarchy that controls American society’s commanding heights leaves those who are neither its members nor its clients little choice but to marshal their forces for their own exodus. The federal government, the governments of states and localities run by the Democratic Party, along with the major corporations, the educational establishment, and the news media set strict but movable boundaries about what they may or may not say—on pain of being cast out, isolated from society’s mainstream. Using an ever-shifting variety of urgent excuses, which range from the coronavirus, to the threat of domestic terrorism, to catastrophic climate change, to the evils of racism, they issue edicts that they enforce through anti-democratic means—from social pressure and threats, to corporate censorship of digital platforms, to bureaucratic fiat. Nobody voted for this.

    What forces can and can’t this oligarchy bring to bear? We have a hint from Time magazine’s Feb. 4, 2021, valedictory of “a vast, cross-partisan campaign” by leaders of business, labor, and the media, in cooperation with the Democratic Party, that “got states to change voting systems and laws” for the 2020 presidential election in contravention of black-letter constitutional law. Rulings by judges in Michigan and Virginia that changes to those states’ absentee ballot laws were blatantly illegal matters not one whit.

    Why not? Because the coalition of masters controls the levers of the state and the press. As Time reveals, they “helped secure hundreds of millions in public and private funding. They fended off voter-suppression lawsuits, recruited armies of poll workers and got millions of people to vote by mail for the first time. They successfully pressured social media companies to take a harder line against disinformation and used data-driven strategies to fight viral smears.” Because these elites realized that “engaging with toxic content only made it worse,” they decided on “removing content or accounts that spread disinformation and by more aggressively policing it in the first place.” Instead of answering facts and arguments with which they disagreed, they would ignore their substance and smear whoever voiced them.

    The boldness and novelty of these as well as of unmentioned tactics delivered the desired electoral result, and power heretofore unimaginable: Americans in 2021 are being fired or “canceled” from society for whatever anyone connected with the oligarchy finds objectionable—even for asking for evidence of the oligarchy’s assertions. Yet Time tells us that because the process of defeating Donald Trump’s voters angered them further, these oligarchs worry that they gained only “a respite.” Hence the united oligarchy must seek, as The New York Times’ Jamelle Bouie put it, permanent “national political dominance.”

    Though that dominance seems at hand, the general population’s compliance with it is not. That is because isolating and alienating anybody, let alone half the country, is the proverbial two-edged sword. Anytime you isolate and alienate someone else, you do the same to yourself. The boundaries that the oligarchs have drawn, are drawing, separate them from the American people’s vast majority, whose consciousness of powerlessness and defenselessness clarifies their choice between utter subjection and doing whatever it might take to exit a system that no longer seems to allow for the prospect of republican self-government.


    A local Minnesota theater has cancelled a production of Roger & Hammerstein's Cinderella because its cast was 'too white'. 

    Chanhassen Dinner Theatres was scheduled to stage the show later this year before its artistic director stepped in to slam its lack of diversity. 

    'It was 98 percent white, ' the artistic director, Michael Brindisi, told the Pioneer Press on Wednesday after looking at who had been cast. 

It's a European fairy tale, so if it was only 98% white, it was 2% too black (or other non-white ethnicity). But if the Left wants to play this game, I would more than welcome a television show or movie featuring a white actor in the role of Malcolm X or Martin Luther King, Jr. 

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