Friday, January 29, 2021

Suggested Reading: Active Response Training's Weekend Knowledge Dump

 It is Friday, which means that it is time for a Weekend Knowledge Dump from Greg Ellifritz at Active Response Training. Some of the topics covered this week are:

  • An article on the importance of sprinting, including a suggested program. I will relate that building up to sprinting is important. Several years ago, I foolishly decided to join in a foot race at a church picnic, thinking that all my bicycling meant that I would be fit enough to at least run the race even though I didn't jog let alone do any sprinting. Big mistake. Not only was I pointedly the slowest, but I wound up tearing my ham string part way through the race (with the added indignity of a few of the doctors in the congregation standing over me debating over what was my injury as I lay there in pain).
  • An examination of the benefits of using electronic hearing protection. Ellifriz recommended the Champion Vanquish Pro Bluetooth Electronic Hearing Protection Muffs, however his link to Amazon showed they were sold off. But his link were to grey models; if you don't mind blue, Amazon still has some in stock (I'm not an Amazon affiliate, so I don't care if you order through this link--in fact, if you waited for the grey to return to stock and then ordered it through his link, Ellifritz would probably appreciate it). 
  • The best .22 LR and .22 Magnum rimfire loads for self defense.
  • Last week Ellifritz had links to articles about the effectiveness of both masks and Ivermectin for reducing transmission and severity of Covid-19. This week he links to information on the efficacy hydroxychloroquine. 
  • An article on treating a sucking chest wound.
  • Link to part 2 of an ongoing series of articles on what to do if you come upon a vehicle crash and intend on rendering aid. Ellifritz linked to part 1 last week. Part 1 dealt with assessing the scene to see if you can safely provide assistance without becoming injured yourself--you are doing no any good if the paramedics arriving on scene have to treat an additional casualty. Part 2 addresses whether to move a victim of a crash: the general answer is "no" unless there is some imminent threat (like the car is actually on fire, not whether you think it might catch fire) because of the risk of making a neck or back injury worse. 
  • Training options during an ammo shortage, which encourages you to seek training or learn/practice other skills in medical/trauma care, bone up on the law of self-defense, try force-on-force training, or learn about edged weapons or combatives.
  • And a lot more....

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