Tuesday, December 8, 2020

You Are Not The Boss Of Me

 Well, it seems to be starting: the push back against the elites, that is. Looking through the links at KA9OFF this morning, I saw this little gem: "Enough is enough" by Mark Gasster and published by the Napa Valley Register. And Gasster has had enough of our COVID overlords, issuing the following rallying cry (underline added):

    Since March 4, when Governor Newsom declared a state emergency regarding COVID-19, a pattern of behavior has followed. Large gathering were restricted to no more than 250 people, restaurants were closed to take-out only. Halfway through the month, Napa issued the “Shelter-in-Place” order to all except essential employees. We were told the lockdown may continue through summer as the parks and beaches are closed. We were all told this was for a couple of weeks to “Flatten the Curve” of the outbreak.

    Two months later: Moving on, schools closed for the year, masks are mandated, testing for only the sick is started at secret sites in Napa. Meantime COVID-19 cases in Napa continue to rise. Fires force us inside and the masks in my opinion start to really serve a purpose. In August, it is Rolling Black-Out time, thousands around the Bay Area and Northern California suffer the indignity of having their power turned off.

    We keep being reminded that it is up to us to wear the masks, stay at home, not visit our families, not celebrate the holidays in large groups. At first it was “We are all in this together,” now it is, “If you see your neighbor violating these rules call...” Not sure if the Sheriffs or NPD will come and peacefully break up your event, fine you, or arrest and fine you. That part is unknown.

    With those parameters set several Bay Area and state elected officials have been caught violating the same rules they promulgated for us to follow. Even several of our legislators along with lobbyists flew to Hawaii for a meeting. I doubt they were put in quarantine.

    With all of this after 298-plus days and the cases of COVID-19 still rising only one conclusion can come to mind. Everything we have done since the emergency declaration on March 4 to the curfew on Nov. 19 has not worked. This timeline of failure has destroyed businesses, unemployed people, and may even create new homeless people in 2021.

    On top of all that the city of Napa charged restaurants for al fresco dining and the state went for one of the largest tax increases in years. They are not paying attention. So enough is enough, open Napa! Ignore the state of California. It is obvious they have no clue what they are doing.

He is not alone. Several Sheriffs in Southern California have stated that they will not enforce Gov. Newsome's stay-at-home orders including Sheriffs for Orange County, Los Angeles County and Riverside County; and the Sacramento County and Fresno County sheriffs had previously refused to enforce a curfew during Thanksgiving. Some California businesses have also stated that they will not comply. WRSA linked to a short piece at the Daily Pundit about a quick call the author had with a friend in San Francisco. Asked about the lockdown orders, the friend said: “Didn’t hear about it.  I don’t see anybody staying home. Everything looks normal here today.”

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