Friday, November 13, 2020

Is It Time to Boogie?


Aesop at the Raconteur Report seems to think so. He writes a bit about a topic that I've addressed on occasion--that to elites, the "normies" are fungible pawns or cogs in the machinery. In fact, and this is a point that I want to make clear, the elites and Left--the globalists--have no loyalty to a nation or its people precisely because they view everyone as interchangeable. Or in other words, they care as much or more about someone from some 3rd world crap hole as they do for a fellow citizen. Which is why, Aesop explains, they have no compunctions against stealing the election if need be. In fact, he believes that the elites were so open about stealing the election because they hope it will lead to open conflict. Aesop continues:

    They think they can win such a contest.

    The solution to that isn't to clutch our pearls, but rather to give them precisely that existential life-and-death struggle, in spades, and end the problem for at least a generation, if not far longer.

    America with 200M people instead of 330M isn't all bad, and would be vastly preferable to one with the morons in charge, unrestrained by anything like reason, morality, or the rule of law.

    If they really want Rule 308, it's high time they got what they wanted, and in haste.

    I'll settle for a favorable and correct series of court decisions for now, but like the series of compromises made in the US Congress in the early 1800s, that merely postpones the central question necessitating the underlying looming civil war, until technology and the resultant conflict becomes more toxic and lethal. 

    It's just kicking that can down the road a couple years or so.

    Let's lance this boil now, so we don't have to do amputations later on. It's absolutely going to happen anyway. Not might any more, but will, because we've now seen that there is absolutely nothing they won't stoop to doing. There is no bottom to their perfidy, amorality, and soullessness. You cannot negotiate with sociopaths. So the only open question is how soon.

    I'd rather take it on while we have the strength to prevail, and the will to do so. The recidivism of the other side is beyond argument, and only holding their heads under water until they stop kicking is going to cure them of the habit, at this point. 

    Their desire for totalitarianism is like rabies. The only cure for that is a bullet to the head.

    Time to start medicating.

    I sympathize with Aesop's feelings, but this is too serious to go off half-cocked. If a bunch of conservatives started popping off Leftists, the media story would be something along the line of this being terrorist attacks by Right-wing white supremacists. And most of the people who oppose the Left would probably agree that it was terrorist attacks. And right there you lose the moral high ground, as well as get the more vocal opponents of the Left rounded up, and probably onerous gun control and surveillance laws thrown in to boot. At that point, the Rebel Alliance's only strategy (assuming it survives) is to hope that the government's reprisals are magnitudes worse than what the Rebels are doing so the hatred of the government grows faster than the hatred directed at the Rebels.

    No, this takes organization. A leader or group of leaders with a strong national following and legitimacy could take over an existing organization or organizations and openly rebel, just as did our Founding Fathers. But even this has to be built on commonly accepted grievances. Go read the Declaration of Independence. It primarily is a list of legitimate grievances which had been built up in the public mind over the preceding decades to be intolerable. The discussion and circulation of these grievances and continued examples build the moral foundation and public support we need.

    In addition, we will have to build organizations just like the Left has been doing for the past 50+ years, or co-op existing organizations. We need a political party that speaks for Conservatives, which means cleaning house within the Republican party or forming a new Conservative party; and a party that is willing to place people into the right positions of power (including courts) to advance our cause. We need the foundations, trusts, churches and charities to raise and distribute funds and educate supporters. We need groups of supporters willing to donate money and time, and sit on juries and engage in jury nullification. For example, if Kyle Rittenhouse's case goes to a jury (which it looks like it will), think of the message it sends if the jury were to find him not guilty, or, after the fact, a governor were to pardon him. We need people willing to purge their organizations of SJWs. And if there need to be serious messages sent to the opposing side, it needs to be done by nebulous "cells" or "lone wolf" operatives with no direct ties to the either the party or the financial/educational arm. As we have seen, the posting of memes (such as the "It's OK To Be White" posters) is very effective. More effective at this point than Antifa's rioting and busting heads. Oh, and we need reliable media partners. Obviously, Fox News is not it and we know that social media is essentially an arm of the Left.

    At this moment it is best to let the legal process play out concerning the election. Win or lose the election, we will have strong grievances to catalog and circulate. Discuss the grievances to build an anger among the body politic, like bringing a pot to a slow boil. What we want is for the elites to overplay their hand following the certification of the election because that will add to the grievances. Frankly, we may need an Alamo or two to provide the necessary motivation and anger. Or, if we are lucky, they go to war with one another. In fact, if there is anything leftists like more than attacking one another, it is fighting and purging fellow leftists, whether we are talking about the Stalinists versus the Trotskyites, or the Soviet Union versus Nazi Germany. 

    One of the key problems that the Left and elites face is that they cannot fully control Antifa or BLM. In fact, there are factions that want to rain hell on whites whether they are conservative or not. This will only undermine the Left's moral position, but it will also make it harder for the Left to pass gun control legislation. Gun rights will be key to disrupting the Left's march to absolute power because the access to firearms means that the common person will be less afraid of Antifa or BLM mobs than otherwise. Riots in the 1960s and 70s were successfully used to advance the Left's protection rackets because they took place in locales where the populace was disarmed and at the mercy of the mobs or the police. This equation changes once you get into areas where more of the population owns firearms. But even in those cases, you need friendly police and prosecutors to protect the persons that engage in countervailing violence against the mobs. Or, absent that, juries that are willing to exonerate the person claiming self-defense against the mob no matter what the prosecutor or judge instructs them. There is a reason that trial by jury is so important to protect freedom, and that is the reason.

    Finally, one of the area where conservatives need to get better is the intelligence game. The Left is inherently crooked and immoral. The elite are 10x so. Documentation of this would be nice, both to add to the grievances and to publicly expose them in order to remove some of the crooked officials from their offices or positions. 

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