Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Crowds Gather Near White House

Fox News reported earlier today on BLM and Antifa preparations for demonstrations near the White House:

    A collection of groups led by Black Lives Matter and Shutdown DC reportedly has been holding training sessions for demonstrators to protest on Election Day -- and apparently, they’re planning a large-scale event across the street from the White House expected to draw thousands.

    Several leaked documents and Zoom call recordings described a loose but coordinated network of activists seeking to mobilize around the country, especially if Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden loses or if President Trump contests the election results. The materials purportedly showed plans to shut down federal buildings, including the White House, and to meet members of Congress at public transportation portals when they’re scheduled to reconvene in Washington after the election.

    The apparent goal: to continue the civil unrest from Election Day until at least later this week -- and potentially until the presidential inauguration in January.

Approximately 40 minutes ago (6 pm EST; 4 pm MST), NBC Washington reported that "[d]emonstrators are gathering near the White House at Black Lives Matter Plaza as they await the results of the 2020 presidential election."

UPDATE: "Police scuffle with BLM protesters as THOUSANDS gather outside the White House in demonstration they'd 'planned for months' - and they threaten to stay for weeks if Trump is re-elected"--Daily Mail.

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