Wednesday, February 1, 2017

February 1, 2017 -- A Quick Run Around The Web

"What If We Have A Nuclear War?"--AsapSCIENCE (5 min.)

  • "Skin That Smoke Wagon! Fundamentals of Clandestine Carry Pistol (Part 1 of 3)"--John Mosby at Prepared Gun Owners. This first part covers the topic of "Be Able to Hit What You NEED to Hit, As Many Times As Necessary." That is, for the handgun, proper grip, sight alignment, sight picture, and trigger squeeze.  It also discusses your responsibility for where every round goes, and selection of the proper strike zone on the target. Mosby's comment on this is:
 I want students of the gun to be able to hit the bad guy wherever they feel, in the moment, is going to be effective. For this reason, I don’t focus my courses on hitting a specific part of a photo-realistic target or a silhouette. Instead, we shoot 3×5 index cards, at ranges out to 15 meters (45 feet) depending on the class and students’ abilities. If you can smoke multiple rounds into a 3×5 box—consistently—in an quantifiable time limit, you are going to be able to smoke rounds into the bad guy’s bread box, as needed.
       I firmly believe that, the moment you strap on a gun, you need to make some very real, very specific decisions about a couple of things. A) What am I willing to draw my gun over? B) What am I willing to shoot someone over? C) Which of those am I willing to spend the rest of my natural life in prison over? Adding that last question, a lot of the times, plays a pretty significant role in drastically changing the answers to A and B, but in the real world, where most of us live, it is a pretty important consideration to make. It’s cool to say, “I’ll smoke anybody that points a gun at me,” until you realize, some kid pointing a gun at you, from far enough away that he probably doesn’t actually pose a threat, and you shooting him, is just as likely to land you with a new roommate/lover as it is to land you with the accolades of a public hero.
           “We should shoot looters! If I saw someone looting, I’d shoot them!” Great, so you are willing to kill someone, and potentially spend the rest of your life as someone’s prison sex toy, over the physical, material property of someone you probably don’t even know? Your call, dude.
    Read the whole thing.

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