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November 20, 2016 -- A Quick Run Around the Web

Video: "Blokesplaining why 3 round groups... aren't"--Bloke on the Range
  • How to Get Your Apartment Off the Grid"--Low Tech Magazine. Some ideas for using a small solar panel based system for electricity.
  • "Want To Reload Your Own Ammo? Basic Questions to Consider"--Guns America. Reloading or handloading is often touted as way to craft your own ammunition for less money and/or with greater accuracy. While potentially true, there are things to consider: especially the upfront costs of obtaining the equipment and the materials. Although it is easy to get started into reloading using an inexpensive Lee Loader (which uses a mallet and dies to do the heavy work), to really make reloading time effective requires at least a single stage press; and loading large numbers of rounds at a time calls for a progressive press. But as you move up in speed and convenience, you also go up in cost. 
  • "Big-Bore AR Rifles for Survival"--Shooting Illustrated. A look at the .458 Socom, .50 Beowulf and .450 Bushmaster to provide large game abilities to your AR platform.
  • "Bee Keeping For The Apocalypse?"--Anonymous Conservative. An interesting idea on using bee colonies (I suppose wasps would also work) as a form of defense/early warning system for a retreat.
  • Diversity! "ISIS has as many as 80 operatives in Europe who are primed to carry out attacks, Dutch intelligence expert reveals"--Daily Mail.
  • "Progress Isn't Natural"--The Atlantic. Joel Mokyr writes:
  • How and why did the modern world and its unprecedented prosperity begin? Many bookshelves are full of learned tomes by historians, economists, political philosophers and other erudite scholars with endless explanations. One way of looking at the question is by examining something basic, and arguably essential: the emergence of a belief in the usefulness of progress.

        Such a belief may seem self-evident today, but most people in the more-remote past believed that history moved in some kind of cycle or followed a path that was determined by higher powers. The idea that humans should and could work consciously to make the world a better place for themselves and for generations to come is by and large one that emerged in the two centuries between Christopher Columbus and Isaac Newton. Of course, just believing that progress could be brought about is not enough—one must bring it about. The modern world began when people resolved to do so.        
        Although Mokyr skips around the issue, the idea of "progress" was also something that was initially limited to the West.
      • "'Chavismo controls the narco' Maduro nephew"--Excelsior. The article reports that Efrain Flores Campo, one of the nephews of the President of Venezuela, acknowledged in a recording made by undercover DEA agents that the drug trade in South America is controlled by senior military and government officials in Venezuela. 
      • "‘Cavemen had clubs, Mexicans should too’"--Mexico News Daily. From the article:
      • National Action Party (PAN) lawmaker Jorge Luis Preciado wants to modify the 10th article of the constitution so as to allow weapons to be carried in vehicles or kept on business premises to allow people to defend themselves against criminals.

            Various national and international experts, representatives of non-governmental organizations and media figures debated the issue in Mexico City yesterday, defending the proposal on self-defense grounds or panning it as a trigger for more violence.

                American crime specialist John Lott said that homes without guns are more vulnerable to criminal attacks.

                    As an example he offered the United Kingdom, where 59% of home robberies occur when homeowners are present, compared to the U.S., where that figure drops to just 13% “because thieves fear being shot at.”
                  • Another conspiracy to undermine our culture and system of government: "Civil groups join forces to ensure the rights of undocumented workers in the US"--Fox News Latino. The article reports:
                    • Two national advocacy groups for immigrants announced today in Los Angeles (USA) an alliance that will raise funds and provide legal assistance to protect and promote the civil rights of undocumented immigrants.

                          Mexico American Legal and Education Fund (MALDEF) Defense and the National Day Laborer Organizing Network (NDLON) joined the Immigrant Defense Fund will challenge legally "any new and unconstitutional action to enforce immigration laws."

                              "The promises of President-elect (Donald) Trump, to terrorize, detain and expel immigrants have already ignited a grassroots effort to defend and fight for the rights of immigrants and those who are targeted by his divisive rhetoric," he said today Pablo Alvarado, director of NDLON in announcing the initiative.
                            • Coming soon to a sanctuary city near you: "Mexican Mayor Arrested After Hundreds Massacred and Cooked in Network of Ovens, Following Breitbart Report"--Breitbart. From the article:
                            • Mexican authorities have arrested the former mayor of a rural community in the border state of Coahuila in connection with the kidnapping, murder and incineration of hundreds of victims through a network of ovens at the hands of the Los Zetas cartel. The arrest comes after Breitbart Texas exposed not only the horrors of the mass extermination, but also the cover-up and complicity of the Mexican government.
                            • No, tell us how you really feel: "UK needs migration because Britons are 'so bloody stupid', says peer who wrote Article 50 of the Lisbon treaty"--Telegraph. The moron referenced in the headline is Lord Kerr of Kinlochard. 
                            • "You Are Still Crying Wolf"--Slate Star Codex. The author goes into detail why the media narrative that Trump was a white power or white nationalist candidate is hogwash. I maintained throughout the primaries that Trump was the only moderate, and that this election was one focused around the economy. Hillary was ensconced in her elitist bubble where the economy was doing great, while ignoring the fact that for a great number of people, in all classes and walks of life, that things had hardly improved since the crash of 2007 and, for many of them, had been in decline well before then.

                            • Related: "Everyone Needs to Stop Talking About 'White People'"--Spiked. The author notes that, per white privilege, liberals mean that "you [speaking of whites] might actually be evil, you just don’t know it, because you’re stupid." He goes on:
                            • That many of these attacks on white people are coming from white people is revealing. This doesn’t only point to a weird self-hatred among white leftists and white observers. More importantly it tells us that the term ‘white people’ doesn’t actually refer to individuals who happen to have white skin, who are Caucasian. No, ‘white people’ is a highly moralised category, a profoundly charged term, not a descriptive one. ‘White people’ is more akin to ‘underclass’, ‘untermenschen’, in that while it presents itself as merely an identifying phrase it is in fact underpinned by prejudice and fear and loathing. It’s not a factual term; it’s a hateful one.
                              He also writes:
                                The white-people obsession turns whiteness into a kind of original sin, a marker for wickedness. To be white is to be corrupted — from the moment of birth — and so one must spend one’s time atoning and apologising. This is why we have the cult of white privilege-checking, where well-educated, racially minded ‘progressive’ whites will ostentatiously watch what they say around blacks, take a back seat in debates about race and power, and preface their every utterance with the words ‘I know I’m white, so this might be invalid, but…’.
                                  This privilege-checking is best understood as a performance of sensitivity, of heightened awareness – of superiority, ironically. The message is that I, unlike other whites, have managed to a certain extent to overcome my historically determined privilege. It’s a statement of superiority over bad whites, uneducated whites, ‘trolling’ whites, Trump-supporting whites – what one commentator this week referred to as ‘low-information white people’, which is just PC for ‘untermenschen’. This is the great and terrible irony of white-privilege theory and practice: it reproduces in progressive language one of the key racial dividing lines of darker historic moments – that between good Aryans who have a heightened sense of themselves and their role in the world and those dim, feckless whites who are unknowing and destructive, lacking all moral sensitivity, governed by instinct or, in modern parlance, by the force of history.
                                •  "Precolumbian Causeways and Canals"--No Tech Magazine. An article giving an overview of the agricultural technology used by pre-Columbian civilization in Bolivian Amazon.

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