Monday, April 18, 2016

Culling the Rabbits

I see that The Telegraph is warning of the spread of a "super-gonorrhea" (that is, one untreatable with current antibiotics) across Great Britain. According to the article:
A national alert was triggered by Public Health England last September after the rare strain of the sexually transmitted superbug was detected in 15 people. 
The number of confirmed cases has now risen to 34 and, according to reports, there is "huge concern" among doctors that it is spreading across the UK. And experts said it is at risk of becoming untreatable if the only fully effective antibiotic remaining fails. 
There have been efforts to track down the sexual partners of those infected with the disease, which can cause infertility.

However, Public Health England (PHE) is understood to have acknowledged that efforts to contain the spread have been of "limited success".
I suspect that it originated in a third-world country (where it is common to over-medicate with antibiotics, leading to the development of the antibiotic resistant strains), but the news reports I came across didn't provide any details other than to indicate that it was spreading among heterosexuals.

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