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April 15, 2016 -- A Quick Run Around the Web

Video: "Appropriate This!"--Bill Whittle in another Firewall segment, discussing so-called "cultural appropriation," the latest "sin" of which progressives accuse whites.

  • It is Friday, which means it is time for another "Weekend Knowledge Dump" from Active Response Training, with a selection of truly great articles and, this week, a lessor offering from yours truly. While you are at Active Response Training, you might also want to check out a couple of Greg Ellifritz's recent articles:
  • "Forging the Hero"--his review of Mosby's latest book, Forging the Hero: Who Does More Is Worth More
  • Speaking of "hard love," David Goldman has penned a piece at the Asia Times entitled: "To be kind is to be cruel, to be cruel is to be kind," The article discusses how Europe humanitarianism toward Middle-Eastern refugees is no kindness because it leads, inevitably, to more civilian deaths. Goldman begins by noting a recent encounter between the Italian Coast Guard and a vessel (the Monica) brimming with refugees who dangled their infants over the side of the ship and threatened to drown them unless they were allowed refuge in Italy! Goldman then relates:
The Monica incident is multiplied ten thousand-fold at the diplomatic level. Turkey’s President and de facto dictator Recep Tayyip Erdogan last October threatened European officials with 10,000 to 15,000 drowned migrants, according to minutes leaked to a Greek news site and widely reported by European mainstream media–with no official denial. Erdogan demanded 6 billion Euros up front and 3 billion Euros a year to stop the refugee flow, telling European officials, “We can open the doors to Greece and Bulgaria anytime and we can put the refugees on buses, What will you do with the refugees if you don’t get a deal? Kill the refugees? the EU will be confronted with more than a dead boy on the shores of Turkey. There will be 10,000 or 15,000. How will you deal with that?”
    Goldman continues:
    This is the first time in the entire history of warfare that a combatant intentionally set out to maximize civilian casualties on its own side, the better to gain diplomatic leverage. ... 
    The more the West indulges its humanitarian sentiments–that is, its squeamishness in the face of absolute evil–the more calamities will befall Muslim civilians, because Muslim leaders from Raqqa to Ankara have learned to weaponize horror. Staging humanitarian catastrophes in order to blackmail the West has succeeded for the most part. What would be required to persuade the likes of President Erdogan that the West will not accede to blackmail? Sadly, the West would have to watch with indifference as horrors unfolded on its borders. The Pakistani who threatened to hang himself earlier this month at a refugee camp in Lesbos will not go back to his miserable life in Pakistan unless the alternative at a European refugee camp is even nastier. To be kind is to be cruel: it encourages horrific outcomes staged to manipulate the Western conscience. Paradoxically, to be cruel is to be kind.
    • Related: "Scientists fear 'the Big One' is COMING as FOUR major earthquakes strike in 48 hours"--The Guardian. From the article: "There have been three large earthquakes recorded in recent days, including a major one in southern Japan which destroyed buildings and left at least 45 people injured, after Myanmar was rocked on Wednesday." And this: "Yesterday's quakes take the total to nine across Asia in a period of just over three and a half months - nearly three every month."
    • The Anonymous Conservative has been warning that Zika could become an STD among the gay community and other promiscuous groups (see here, here, and here, for example). So, it is with this in mind that I note the following article: "CDC Reports First Zika Infection Between Gay Couple"--CBS News. From the article:
      The Centers For Disease Control confirmed another sexually transmitted case of the Zika virus was discovered in Dallas.
        This time the virus was shared between two men. One man traveled to Venezuela, then came home and was intimate with his partner, according to the CDC.
          Health officials said it’s the first report of infection between a gay couple, and worry that Zika will spread even faster through sex — as well as through mosquito bites.
          After hearing this story, that if a belief in witchcraft is nearly pan-African then perhaps some of it came to the New World. Prominent and not so prominent talkers from the American Black population come out with similar theories of vague and invisible forces that are oppressing people, like “institutional racism” and “white privilege.”
          Remus goes on to state:
          Is this unalloyed brilliance or what? Think about it. Harpending makes the stunning observation that black magic—meaning unseen evil invoked by ritual to inflict pain and misery, its power irresistable and unconfined by distance or time—has been accepted as fact in the west. Witch doctor stuff. As Conrad noted long ago, it's a given among the primitives of Africa. Now, perhaps by osmosis, it's an unquestioned, and unquestionable, staple of the "social justice" canon .
          And if you go back to the original West Hunter article that Remus quoted, the author had also indicated that: "Even more interesting to us was the universal understanding that white people were not vulnerable to witchcraft and could neither feel it nor understand it. White people literally lack a crucial sense, or part of the brain." Thus, the folklore even explains why white people are unconscious of and incapable of understanding white privilege. 
          • Related: "Portland Professor Wants a 'World Without Whiteness'"--MRC TV. Specifically, history professor James Harrison stated: "A world without conflict, and to me my interpretation of these words, is it would be a world or U.S. without whiteness in terms of the power structure." In other words, just exercise the bad ju-ju mojo, and it will all be better.

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