Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Another Update on the Glock Gadget

You may remember that in July of last year, word came out of the imminent crowd-funding of the Glock Gadget Striker Control Device to bring it to market. Prototypes had been circulating and tested for several years prior among certain members of the firearms community and results had been positive. The device replaces the rear plate on the Glock slide with essentially a big button or lever. When depressed, it prevents the pistol from firing. The intended use was for when holstering a Glock--apparently the most likely time an accidental discharge could occur, especially with concealed carry.

The original due date for those that ordered during the crowd-funding (which included yours truly) was in the fall of 2015. In early December, I received an email indicating that some quality control issues had pushed the shipping date back to January 2016. Since then, I'd heard nada, and couldn't find any information on a shipping date. Frankly, I began to wonder if it had become vapor-ware.

I finally decided to start digging around on the Pistol-Forum and found this April 17, 2016 post from Tom Jones responding to a request for an ETA (estimated time of arrival):
Sorry, I've been busy doing my unnecessarily complicated taxes.  
I should have another set of samples that address all the (very small) issues that were seen on the previous batch probably by the end of next week or beginning of the following week. The 100% honest and truthful answer on when the gadgets will ship is "when they are ready" (which is synonymous with Soon™), but the more specific (but ironically less exact) answer is "most likely in May".  
Soon™ should be soon.  
Thanks for your patience.
So, there you go. They should be ready "soon."

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