Wednesday, February 3, 2016

A Quick Run Around the Web--February 3, 2016

A couple videos from Dave Canterbury: the first (top) is on how to make a reflector oven using standard cookie sheets; the second (bottom) is his test of the reflector oven.

Those are the words of a woman who reports that she stun-gunned a man who was trying to rape her and who had stabbed her four times, puncturing her lung. The Detroit News (Oralandar Brand-Williams) adds that the alleged would-be rapist, Darian Winfield, is also accused of having earlier stabbed another woman and may have murdered a 17-year-old girl in a different assault. Fox 2 Detroit (Hannah Saunders) reports that Winfield wasn’t incapacitated by the stun gun, and punched the woman who stun-gunned him in the head, but nonetheless ran away.
That's weird. On television, stun guns instantly incapacitate anyone.
  • Related: "Germany Considers $5,450 Limit on Cash Transactions"--New York Times. "The German government is considering introducing a limit of 5,000 euros ($5,450) on cash transactions in an effort to combat money laundering and financing of terrorism." The article also notes that "Germans tend to use cash more than many other Europeans." This has nothing to do with reducing crime, and everything to do with transitioning to a cashless society.
  • "First U.S. Zika virus transmission reported, attributed to sex"--Reuters. "The first known case of Zika virus transmission in the United States was reported in Texas on Tuesday by local health officials, who said it likely was contracted through sex and not a mosquito bite...."
  • "Observations on Arabs"--Rants and Raves. This is a 2006 post from an expatriate attempting to explain how the culture and outlook of Saudi Arabians differ from that of Westerners (and Americans, in particular). 
In the case of the Kingdom, I went there with a certain sympathy for Arab grievances, a belief that America had earned a lot of hostility from "blowback" from our ham-handed interventionist foreign policy and support for Israel etc.
    I came back with the gloomy opinion that over the long run we are going to have to hammer these people hard to get them to quit messing with Western Civilization. ...
    The author goes on to explain his change of heart. Read the whole thing.
      Last Thursday a worried grandfather voiced his concerns about the increasing incidents of sexual harassment of young girls on their way to school by migrants in a meeting in the German town of Bad Schlema. His own granddaughter has been victim of sexual harassment and he fears it will be much worse when girls will wear less clothing in the summer or dress for physical education. The mayor's reply angered the over 100 citizens who were present: "It's simple, don't provoke them and don't walk in these areas."
        The crowd went furious, some mocked the absurdity of not being able to walk to school in your own town, some demanded he step down immediately. Later the situation escalated and the Mayor threatened to call the police and clear the room because of incitement of hatred ....

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