Wednesday, February 24, 2016

A Quick Run Around the Web--February 24, 2016

Primitive Technology's video, "Making Charcoal"

  • "Calculating Muzzle Velocity and Trajectory With Five Shots (Or So)"--The Truth About Guns. To make full use of this article's information, you will need a range of more than 100 yards, and a true first focal plane mil/mil scope.
  • "TangoFoxtrot’s Rifle Dust Tests: Mini-14, AUG, ARX-100, SCAR"--The Firearms Blog. "Once again, the AR-15 proves to be a remarkably dust-resistant rifle, in spite of the reputation it received in the GWOT. The AK puts out a particularly poor performance (although it possibly could have continued working with manual assistance), but the true loser of the test is once again the Garand-style open action, in this case in the form of a Ruger Mini-14."
  • "DPM Recoil Reduction System for AK-47"--The Firearms Blog. Called the Telescopic Recoil System, "the way the system works is through the use of four springs of varying strength. As the bolt cycles rearward, the springs progressively increase resistance, slowing the bolt and absorbing felt recoil."
  • "The people who want the UK's gun laws relaxed"--BBC. "'It's frustrating for me that when you tell someone you own a gun you're instantly labelled a weirdo. It's like a secret society,' Callum Long-Collins explains from a gun shop in Botley Mills, Hampshire." Life in a society overflowing with hoplophobes
  • "How the Syrian Conflict Could Lead to a Clash Between Russia and NATO"--Huffington Post. A commentary by Lord David Owen, former British foreign secretary. From the piece:
... It soon became apparent, however, that the Russian targeting strategy was less concerned with ISIS than tilting the balance of the civil war in favor of Assad and that Russian forces are now using tanks to target rebel strongholds in and around Aleppo.
    Saudi Arabia has now moved fighter jets to Turkey with the aim of carrying out strikes inside Syria and has agreed to deploy special forces coming into Syria via Turkey.
      Turkey is making it clearer by the day that it may feel it necessary to move from shelling mainly Kurdish positions inside Syria to moving troops and tanks into Syria. Meanwhile, concerns are being raised about Turkey invoking Article 5 of the NATO treaty, if Turkish forces were to be attacked by Russia or Syria.
      • "Sinaloa: Police Find 13 Bullet-Riddled Bodies"--Borderland Beat. 8 men and 5 women between 18 and 30 years old. Military forces investigating the scene "located around 200 AK-47 shell casings over a radius of 60 meters. Supposedly the gunmen shot at the victims from the top of a hill, which made them easy targets."
      • "Remains of hundreds of victims, discovered at Veracruz ranch"--Borderland Beat. "The ranch, ‘El Limón’ in Veracruz, where the remains of two of the five students who disappeared on January 11 were discovered,  was used by organized crime with the suspected complicity of security forces,  to eliminate the bodies of hundreds of people taken hostage over several years."
        Global warming is unlikely to take hold before the end of the century according to a controversial new statistical study.
          The report, published by the think-tank the Global Warming Policy Foundation, claims that while winters are likely to be slightly warmer, there will be no change in the summer.
            Using statistical forecasting methods, the report, written a statistician at Loughborough University, contradicts predictions made by climate scientists.

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