Tuesday, February 16, 2016

A Quick Run Around the Web -- February 16, 2016

With the next weeks certain to bring a foreign policy crisis, and the next months a likely economic crisis, the death of Antonin Scalia is a reminder of how few degrees of freedom the old order has left.  With the presidential races now dominated in both parties by outsiders; with actual war drums beating on the international scene; with domestic politics galvanized around a fight over the Supreme Court, the inflexibility of Barack Obama himself will soon become the main issue.  It's drained the system of the last degrees of flex.
    He is like a great, deaf, stone god whose acolytes must either decide to continue worshiping or flee for their lives.  His immobility is a great source of comfort to the Leftist faithful who see in their high priest the inevitability of the progressive project even as thunder and lightning gather over the temple.  But it is also the source of unease among those who suspect the stone is just stone; that there is no there, there.  Events will soon put his fitness as Leader of the Free World to the test even as he finds himself under pressure domestically.
      Antonin Scalia's death has raised the volatility index on everything by one more notch at a time when there is precious little Design Margin left to spare.  Ordinarily the death of a Supreme Court justice would not matter.  However these may not be ordinary times.

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