Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A Quick Run Around the Web -- December 16, 2015 (Updated)


  • "Harvest Great Winter Greens"--Go Garden Club. The author specifically notes that kale, arugula, and broccoli make good winter greens to grow. 
  • "Setting Broken Bones with an Emergency Splint"--The Prepared Page.
  • "December Emergency Preparedness Goals - Baking Basics, Power and Light"--Prepared LDS Family. "The December food storage items I gather are inexpensive baking ingredients you can quickly buy in one shopping trip. I call them Baking Basics. Things like vanilla, cooking spray, brownie or cake mixes, frosting, cornstarch, salt, baking powder or baking soda. It's super easy to stock up on those items! And they all store well and have at least a 1-year shelf life. You may already have enough of these on hand for a 3-month food storage supply which is part of Step 1 of the LDS Home Storage program."
  • "Feral Dog Dangers"--Prepared Society. Discussing the risks of feral dogs after a major disaster (or even in some of our cities right now, such as Detroit). 
    • Related: "When dogs attack"--Cesar's Way. A few pointers for dealing with a dog attack, including this: "If you are bitten, resist the natural urge to try to pull away. This will just make the injury worse through tearing your flesh. Oddly enough, if the attack escalates to this point, then you actually want the dog to latch on. Why? The dog only has one mouth, but you have two hands. If you can manage it at this point, grab its back legs and lift them off the ground." I was taught that if/when you get the dog onto its side, lift the front leg up and stomp down on the juncture between the front leg and the chest wall.
  • "DIY Off the grid Washing Machine"--Prepper's Will. Instructions and a video showing how to transform a simple plunger and 5 gallon bucket (with lid) into a primitive washing machine.
  • "Solo Stove: Perfect for Backpacking, Bug Out, Emergencies"--reThink Survival. A nice review of the Solo Stove and Pot 900 combination. 
  • "The Golden Book of Camping"--Vintage Kids' Books My Kid Loves. Ignoring the author's comments, the post is nice because it reproduces some of the pages from the book.
  • "Holdout Revolvers from NAA"--Breach Bang Clear. You've probably seen the diminutive .22 LR and .22 Magnum revolvers from North American Arms--single action, 5-round, small enough to lose in your pocket. Apparently NAA has a couple new models that improve on the design to make it better suited for a defensive weapon. The author also notes that the .22 Magnum in Hornady's Critical Defense are much more accurate and have significantly lower muzzle flash than standard .22 Mag. when shot from these revolvers.
  • "Why Shot Placement Is KING and How To Improve Your Combat Accuracy"--Prepared Gun Owners. A good discussion of the importance of shot placement, and practice. With this closing recommendation: "A good goal to strive for is 3-5 effective hits in the vital zones in 3 seconds or less at 5 yards, drawing from your every day concealment holster with your every day carry gun on a target like this."

The World In Which We Live:
    Neither Democratic nor Republican elites seem overly concerned with Trump's crowd [i.e., white, blue-collar workers]. Bernie Sanders would surely make a play for their support if he could get a hearing. But the Democrats are otherwise dreaming of dominance with their coalition of the ascendant. That coalition, the product of decades of politically costly investments that have only begun to pay a return, is female, black, Hispanic and Asian, with highly educated whites pitching in. It relies less and less on the votes of white males without college educations, and the coalition's new members, many of whom have suffered discrimination, aren't much saddened by the relative decline of white male status.

    The Republicans, on the other hand, have seemed to heartily endorse white male working-class rage, wearing their constituents' class grudges on their rolled-up sleeves. But they have shown scant interest in the efforts of so-called reform conservatives, for example, to address the economic plight of the working class (or to salvage their hard-pressed families). ...
  • Duplicitous toward and in regard to their own in-group, such that they actually sympathize with enemies of the in-group: "Democrats' terror compassion gap"--Glenn Reynolds at USA Today. Reynolds observes: "Democrats are supposed to be the party of compassion, but lately a lot of Americans are feeling as if the Obama administration doesn’t much care about them. The reason is terrorism and the way Obama and Hillary Clinton have responded to it."
    1. Masculinity is being weeded out of children at an alarming rate;
    2. Egalitarianism has infected our schools; and,
    3. We aren’t preparing kids for the real world.
  • "Why Nationalism Without Natalism Will Fail"--Roosh V. While the author acknowledges that certain European nations, such as Poland, have taken great strides toward protecting their borders from foreign incursion, he also points out that such efforts will have been in vain if Europeans cannot increase their birth-rates. David P. Goldman has written extensively about the threat of declining fecundity, and, like other demographers, observed that the exception to declining birth rates in advanced nations is among people of faith. In other words, higher birth rates will require the peoples of Europe to turn to religion and faith. 
  • Update: SNAFU! reports that "Turkish Special Ops are raiding the homes of Kurdish politicians..."

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