Friday, December 11, 2015

A Quick Run Around the Web--December 11, 2015

  • "How to Survive a Rip Current"--The Active Times. "To survive a rip current, either let the current take you out and focus on floating and breathing or start swimming parallel to the shore." Read the whole thing as it goes into more detail about rip currents, and has more detailed instructions on the two strategies above.
  • Creek Stewart has a six part series at Willow-Haven Outdoor on converting a beat-up old 4x4 pickup into a "bug-out vehicle" (BOV): Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, and Part 6.
  • "Pacific Crest Trail Thru-Hiking Gear List"--Erik the Black's Backpacking Blog. This list is intended for long distance hiking. While not oriented for "bugging out," it may be of use to anyone thinking of "bugging out" on foot. 
  • "Rules of Survival"--Master Woodsman. Christian Noble prefaces his article:
This article contains my current thoughts and perspective on survival rules and more. As this is a life or death topic, I take it very seriously. That being said, what follows may or may not be the right approach for you, i.e., I am not trying to be evangelical in what I have written, I am just sharing a perspective and I was actually very hesitant to publish publicly as this goes against many peoples mainstream thought; plus, it is difficult to provide all the information and context I would like via a blog post. So use this information as food for thought and reader beware.
Read the whole thing.

Other Stuff:
Conservatives who are scared of tyrants often ask, “Could it happen here?”  Well, it did. Jim Crow, the KKK, lynching, legal segregation — for a period, the South was everything a free man should fear. When Ida B. Wells noted that “a Winchester rifle should have a place of honor in every black home, and it should be used for that protection which the law refuses to give,” she was confirming an age-old truth: The gun is a great equalizer, and the state a capricious beast. 
Does everyone who uses a firearm to protect himself survive? Of course not. But as a free man, I do not consider my inalienable rights to be contingent upon my ability to exercise them successfully. I may debate freely, even if I am destined to lose the argument. I may enjoy a jury trial even if I am guilty. And I may defend my life and my liberty even if I eventually succumb. 
It is from this understanding that all conversations must proceed. The Second Amendment is not “old”; it is timeless. It is not “unclear”; it is obvious. It is not “embarrassing”; it is fundamental. And, as much as anything else, it is a vital indicator of the correct relationship between the citizen and the state and a reminder of the unbreakable sovereignty of the individual. Unless those calling for greater restrictions learn to acknowledge this at the outset of any public discussion, they will continue to get nowhere in their deliberations.

      • "3 Myths about 'Irreligious' America, Busted"--Intercollegiate Review. It is not true that young people are leaving the churches in droves; it is not true that church attendance continues to decline; and it is not true that the number of Americans saying they have no religion are rapidly rising. As to the latter point, the author writes:
      So who are these “nones,” and why is their number increasing—if it is? Back in 1990 most Americans who seldom or never attended church still claimed a religious affiliation when asked to do so. Today, when asked their religious preference, instead of saying Methodist or Catholic, now a larger proportion of nonattenders say “none,” by which most seem to mean “no actual membership.” The entire change has taken place within the nonattending group, and the nonattending group has not grown.
        ... Islam is no mere religion. 
          As understood by the mainstream of Muslim-majority countries that are the source of immigration to America and the West, Islam is a comprehensive ideological system that governs all human affairs, from political, economic, and military matters to interpersonal relations and even hygiene. It is beyond dispute that Islam has religious tenets — the oneness of Allah, the belief that Mohammed is the final prophet, the obligation of ritual prayer. Yet these make up only a fraction of what is overwhelmingly a political ideology. 
            Our constitutional principle of religious liberty is derived from the Western concept that the spiritual realm should be separate from civic and political life. The concept flows from the New Testament injunction to render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and unto God what is God’s.
              Crucially, the interpretation of Islam that is mainstream in most Muslim-majority countries does not accept a division between mosque and state. In fact, to invoke “mosque” as the equivalent of “church” in referring to a division between spiritual and political life is itself a misleading projection of Western principles onto Islamic society. A mosque is not merely a house of worship. It does not separate politics from religion any more than Islam as a whole does. ...
                Read the whole thing.
                • A couple articles on the collapse of Rome by Ugo Bardi:

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