Friday, November 6, 2015

Blackbox Recording Supports Bombing Theory

The Mirror reports:
The black box audio recording from the Russian passenger jet which crashed in the Siani desert killing 224 people confirms the plane was brought down by a bomb, it has been claimed.

Air crash investigators have successfully managed to read its contents in a bid to discover what brought the Airbus A321 crashing down six days ago, according to France news website Le .

One expert told the newspaper the certain cause of the crash was not a technical fault or pilot error but a bomb brought in from outside and planted in the plane.

The experts, from Russia, France, Germany and Ireland - aided by the Egyptian civil aviation authority, have been working to decode the flight recorders since the day after the crash.

They said the cockpit voice recorder, which recorded what was said in the cockpit, confirmed that an explosion had occurred.
The report from the Sydney Morning Herald is even more specific:
The sound of an explosion could be heard on the black boxes recovered from a Russian plane that crashed over Egypt's Sinai Peninsula on Saturday, according to an investigator who had access to them, French TV station France 2 said on its website on Friday.

According to the investigator, the explosion was not consistent with an engine failure, the report said.

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